Call Whole World Through New Android’s Google Maps

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A fresh designed Google Maps app for Android device makes worldwide navigation faster and easier. Enjoy going to unfamiliar places with Google Maps to find top places to eat, shop, play and more. Discover the best spots in a town with specific information about spots whenever it is required.

This application required an Internet connection and GPS navigation system which help users with voice-guided instructions to find-out correct destination.

It gets connected through 3G, 4G, WiFi, etc. But normally uses a GPS satellite connection to decide its location. To find-out the favourite destination, user has to place the destination into the application, and then the application displays the progress of the user along the route and matters instructions for each turn.

Features of Google Maps app for Android device

Explore feature

The Google Maps app has an “Explore” feature to discover new places. No need to search by an address or a street name, user can directly search by name using this app. The application interface accepts a voice input instead of typing the destination on the device. Users simply need to tap the search box to browse through cards showing places to eat, drink, sleep or shop.

Various Views of Map: Traffic, Satellite, and Street

In Traffic view – The application shows the route with different colours marks based on the existing traffic along the route.

In Satellite view – The application shows a route from a bird’s eye view using Google’s satellite imagery.

In Street view – In this view, application shows a route from first-person view as which automatically changes as the user travels along the route.

Good Traffic indicator with other problems

Earlier, Google Maps was displaying traffic condition too, but at present there are additional features to help drivers traverse around the traffic. Now, Google Maps provide users detail information of traffic occurrences and other problems with the roads and will automatically alert drivers if a better route is accessible.

Offline maps feature

Android users cannot see the maps in offline mode for longer period. To view maps in offline mode, Android users have to fetch “OK Maps,”(Connect to Google Glass) into the search box to view that area offline.

The new Google Maps app is friendly with Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean as well as Apple devices running iOS 6 or higher.


After using this app, user think that this new version of Google Maps is greater to the previous version with improved features.

Updated on 21-Apr-2022 11:12:36