Name two diseases caused by Protozoans. What are their causal organisms?

Two diseases caused by Protozoans are malaria and kala-azar.

The protozoa, Plasmodium, is the carrier responsible for causing malaria and spreads malaria from one person to another.

Leishmania is a parasitic protozoan causing kala-azar.

[Extra information:

Protozoa are free-living or parasitic organisms that feed on organic matter such as microorganisms or organic tissues.

Thus, the protozoa acting as parasites, live and prey upon animal bodies causing diseases of the intestinal tract. For example, sleeping sickness, dysentery, malaria, etc.

The protozoa, Plasmodium, a microscopic-single celled organism, is responsible for causing malaria. The female Anopheles mosquito is the carrier of Plasmodium and spreads malaria from one person to another. Plasmodium reproduces by the asexual method of reproduction known as multiple fission.

Leishmania is a parasitic protozoan causing kala-azar.]

Updated on: 05-Jan-2023


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