My parents will die someday, how to cope with this truth?

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It is a bitter truth that every living being on this earth has an expiry date with a slight twist that we don’t know when it is. The inevitable death comes with its lot of misery. But the feeling of losing loved ones whom we consider the center of our life is the most painful thing.

The Real Truth

Life is a series of experiences in which death is temporary anaesthesia. Life goes on and on, whichever body we are in. This is like a drama where we perform in different roles. Our parents were the children of our grandparents, and now we are the children of our parents. Your great-grandparents left, then grandparents and your parents, you, me, everyone will leave this earth when their turn comes.

Embrace The Change

Nothing is permanent except change. This change will eventually lead to death one day. But before that, there is this so-called Life which is really beautiful. Know the value of life and value the persons and their presence around you. Do what you can and what you have to, to keep your parents happy. Make the most of your time to perform your duties well so that you do not regret later.

Published on 22-Jan-2019 07:30:47