My kid is now 2 years old and he has not got any molar, what to do?

Babies are born with most of their teeth already formed within their gums and they usually begin to appear by the age of half a year. The molars are bigger teeth so they tend to be more painful when they are breaking through the gums.

Reasons Why Molars May Be Missing?

  • Late tooth eruption is simply a family trait.
  • Nutritional deficiency and rickets can also cause a delay.

What To Do If Molars Are Missing?

Child missing their molars can have a broad range of very straight-forward treatments to other conditions that require more involvement with the dentist. Orthodontic or surgical treatments might also be considered if the severity of the issue is high too.

Thus, it is not advisable to be disheartened and simply jump to the conclusions in case of such delay in eruption of molars. A doctor can certainly guide one better.