My friend met with a terrible accident and it damaged her face. She feels so heartbroken. How to make her happy?

Life is a mixed bag of sorrows and joys. All accidents are not like natural calamities, the consequences of which cannot be undone. Here, I find that the face of your friend has been damaged due to an accident, and she feels heartbroken. But you should make her realize that Beauty is not only external but also internal.

Though her face is damaged she is still the same. She is not a different human being, but the same old friend of yours whose heart is made of gold- pure and worthy enough to make anyone merrier and happier. Life is not over for her, she is even not changed. She can still jump, laugh, cheer and feel confident. In fact, now she can even become an inspirational figure.

What can you do for your friend in this case?

  • Ask her to accept the situations as they are − She should accept the situation and should feel happy.

  • Gift her something − To make her even happier, you can gift her certain things such as a bouquet of flowers, a cake, a handmade card or a trip to a place out of the city.

  • Motivate her − Motivation is a psychological concept which drives the behavior of a person to work in a particular direction. You must motivate her to meet new people and learn from their successes and failures. If you do so, she will later be in a position to stay self-motivated and therefore, rise in life more and more.

Thus, these are the simple ways in which you can help your friend come out of the despair.