Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Awareness Month: March 2022

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can be described as a condition that affects the central nervous system. It may result in disabilities (central nervous system).

In MS, the immune system mainly attacks the myelin coating that covers nerve fibers, disrupting the normal flow of information between the nervous system and other organs. In time, the condition may weaken or even kill nerve cells.

The signs and symptoms of MS vary from mild to severe, based on the area and severity of damage to the nerve fibers in the central nervous system. Patients with severe cases of MS typically lose the capacity to walk on their own or even walk at all. Based on the type of MS the patient has, the person may experience prolonged periods of remission without developing or experiencing any other symptoms.

Even today, MS is a chronic disease that cannot be cured. However, there are medicines available to ease the severity of MS episodes, alter the disease's course, and ease its symptoms.

Awareness Month for Multiple Sclerosis: The Reflection of Our History

Since its establishment on January 26, 1946, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Association for Advancement of Research in Multiple Sclerosis have reported raising $974 million for MS research. DIY Fundraising, sometimes referred to as "Walk MS," "MuckFest," and other similar activities, encourage participants to think of unique methods to raise funds to fund MS treatments and research.

To unite the diverse range of MS-related organizations and individuals to bring together many MS-related organizations and individuals, the NMSS declared March as Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month in 2003. The objective of this month's is to create awareness of MS so that people affected by it can make informed decisions about their treatment.

Then, the fundraising campaigns such as "Walk MS" have attracted more attention, which has led to a more public appeal for action toward finding an effective cure.

What will be Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month?

National Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month (which is held every year during the month of March) aims to educate the general public about the condition.

Clubs, organizations, and advocacy groups are scheduled to hold various educational and awareness-raising events during March.

The people who suffer from MS, their family members, and their communities can all benefit from the celebration of MS Awareness Month. Anyone can contribute their voice to help the MS awareness campaign by participating in events like MS fundraising for research. Friends and family members of people who suffer from MS can take advantage of this month to get educated about MS.

The people's reactions to MS differ. The symptoms can vary in severity, ranging from mild for some to complete immobilization for some. The various manifestations of multiple MS are highlighted throughout MS Awareness Month.

The entire month is dedicated to raising awareness regarding MS. There are many other holidays throughout the year. In 2021, for example, the week off from March 7-13 was celebrated as Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week. In addition, every year, on May 30, everyone around the globe observes World MS Day. Both offer more avenues for being involved with the MS education campaign.

Methods to participate throughout MS Awareness Month

Knowing this month is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month is the first step to take; however, it's just one method to get involved. The process of sharing the news is only time. You can also participate in something larger such as a state-wide or national event.

1. Register to be a participant in the MS Walk

One way to assist within your local community is to arrange an event for charity. Every year, different organizations organize walks to raise funds and awareness about various health problems. 5KM is the most common duration for such walks.

Participate in a walking event in honor of a family member or friend who suffers from MS or has MS yourself. You may find that talking with those in the same area who suffer from similar issues can make you feel less lonely.

You could help find the cure for MS by paying a set amount to participate in these activities. In some areas, you can also enjoy MS bicycle rides. You'll ride a specified route instead of walking to earn money.

2. Educational Activities

Education about MS is another way to express gratitude regardless of whether you suffer from the disease. It can inspire compassion for those who have a loved one suffering from it. It is possible to learn how to help others too.

If you're looking to learn about MS during this time, there are several live webinars and other online activities you could participate in. You can also listen to an audio podcast and read books on MS.

On March 1, there is a State Action Day in Mississippi. The dates for these celebrations change through the year based on where they occur. This is your chance to get involved and push for changes to state legislation to improve life for those with multiple sclerosis.

3. Tell your tale

If you have multiple sclerosis as a condition you're experiencing, consider sharing your story with other people. It could be in real life or on the internet via your favorite social media website.

If you're suffering from MS, writing can be an excellent opportunity to relax and build connections with other people in the same boat. Others might be inspired to be positive by reading your story.

4. Donate to the Future

Contributing to a charitable organization that funds research into MS is another option to show your support for MS Awareness Month. One-time or regular monthly donations are also accepted. For example, there are many ways to donate to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

5. Make sure to share it on your social media profiles

Use hashtags that increase MS awareness, whether your posts are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other website. In doing this, you can encourage greater use of hashtags and more discussion on your social media network. Use the hashtags #MultipleSclerosisAwarenessMonth and #MSAwareness to raise awareness about MS in your social media postings.

In honor of the occasion of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, you can change your Facebook cover or profile picture using a special frame.

The MS community's "official color,"

The MS awareness color is orange. For March, wearing this color is a simple way to increase awareness of MS. The wearing of an orange lapel pin, ribbon T-shirt, or bracelet made of rubber is also an option.

Orange can also be linked to some other signs. Leukemia, kidney cancer, and lupus have campaigns involving the orange ribbon.