Mobile Testing - Platforms


Before jumping on to mobile testing, it's advisable to understand the basics of mobile platforms. It mainly includes the operating system of the mobile, type of the device, and type of the mobile app. Having sufficient knowledge about each of these will help us conduct robust test planning in the long run.

Mobile Operating Systems

The following table gives an overview of some of the popular mobile operating systems available in market −

Operating System Developed by Popularity (Low, Medium, High) Latest available version
Android Google Inc High Lollipop, Android 5.0-5.1
iOS Apple Inc High iOS 8.X
Blackberry Blackberry Ltd Low Blackberry 10.2.1
Windows Microsoft Inc Medium Windows 10 Mobile
Symbian Symbian Foundation Low Discontinued

Based on some generic survey, the usage of different operating systems in the market can be depicted as shown below.

Mobile OS