Mobile Testing - Overview


Before we start the actual tutorial, let’s have some fun. Take a look at the following list. You can easily relate to these essential chores that we invariably have to face in today’s busy and hectic lifestyle −

  • I want to pay my electricity bill.

  • I need to communicate with my manager and submit my reports urgently.

  • I want to buy new clothes for my kid, but I don't have the time to go to a store.

  •'s 10 PM; I am running late for my flight. Where is my cab?

  • I have been in this city for the first time; which hotel should I book?

Now answer yourself. What do you need to perform these activities in a fraction of second? The answer would be −

  • A smartphone,
  • Internet connectivity, and
  • A mobile app to do the job.

This makes us realize the importance of a mobile app in today’s era. Everything is being done in a smart way through your smart phone. Each day, we get to know about a new app or tool being launched to ease our life.

There is one well-known incidence about Gowalla. Millions of people enjoyed this location-based social network that started in 2007 and shuttered down five years later. Multiple problems blocked Gowalla from reaching mass appeal. One of the prime reasons that surfaced was “Checking in was not that user friendly”.

To have a successful mobile app, we need to understand that developing a nice mobile app is not the only requirement. A mobile app needs to be tested thoroughly in order to get the likability of users. After all, it is the user experience makes any software successful.