Mobile Testing - IOS Frameworks


Like Android testing frameworks, there are many iOS testing frameworks available in the market. Here we will talk about a few popular ones.

  • Appium − Appium is an open-source test automation framework to test native and hybrid apps and mobile web apps. Appium library functions inside the framework make calls to the Appium server running in background which operates the connected device.

  • Calabash − Calabash is a functional testing framework that can be used for both iOS and Android functional testing. On paper, it must be one of the easiest frameworks to use and even non-developers should be able to create functional tests using it.

  • Zucchini − Zucchini is an open-source visual functional testing framework for iOS applications based on Apple UIAutomation.

  • UI Automation − For your more typical functional tests (or black-box tests), in which you’re going to write code that simulates an end-user navigating your app, there is UI Automation. UI Automation is provided by Apple and is the Apple-sanctioned way of performing iOS functional testing.

  • FRANK – BDD for iOS − If you want to do end-to-end testing in iOS and wish you could use BDD and Cucumber, no worries — there’s a tool called Frank that will allow you to create acceptance tests and requirements using Cucumber.

Comparison between different testing frameworks

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