Mobile Security - iOS Device Tracking Tools


Let’s see some of the guidelines to be followed based on the best practices on how to secure an iOS.

  • Do not access web services on a compromised network.
  • Install only trusted applications on iOS devices.
  • Configure it to wipe data in case it is lost.
  • Use lock feature for locking iPhone.
  • Disable JavaScript and add-ons from web browsers.
  • Use iOS devices on Wi-Fi network that you know and that is not free.
  • Do not open links or attachments from unknown sources.
  • Change default password of iPhone's root password.

In the following sections, we will discuss two popular tools that are widely used to trace iOS iPhones.

Find My iPhone

The first one would recommend Find My iPhone. It can be downloaded from but to locate your phone you will need an Apple ID to log in at or use the Find My iPhone app.



iHound is an iOS device tracking tool that allows you to track your device by simply turning on iHound, minimize it, and let it run. It can be found at