Many of my friends find girls who smoke cool, why?

Is smoking an unhealthy practice? The answer to this question will change from person to person, especially when girls are concerned. When I was in school, I used to feel different about any kind of addiction. However, with time the perception has changed drastically.

Is it Funky to Smoke?

Regardless of gender, most people consider smoking to be a huge part of their style statement. Even many of my male friends find the smoking girls cooler than the ones who don't. Is there any specific reason behind it? Let us find it out.

  • Sharing − In my friend circle, the girls who smoke, do it to get relief from the stress of the daily routine. It works best if they spoke with other friends or colleagues. Eventually, the act of sharing grows in them, which is loved by the boys.

  • Creative − It is believed that the girls who smoke are creative in nature, which gets reflected in their personality as well. Guys can hardly resist themselves from getting attracted to these sort of girls.

  • Mature − Conventionally, women never smoked. However, with time they have broken the taboo and have demonstrated maturity by adapting to the changing environment. Do you know a guy who doesn't like mature women?

  • Company − Most of the guys smoke and prefer their partner to accompany them while fagging. It won't be possible if the girl doesn't smoke.

  • Personality − Girls who smoke as well as drink tend to blend well with people, regardless of their identity. This makes the girls popular in the friend circle, which a guy cherishes in secret.

  • Compatibility − Once a girl smokes; it eradicates the chances of a repetitive reminder of the cigarettes being harmful to health. There is not a single guy who prefers constant suggestions, whether it is good or bad for him.

Isn't the aforementioned reasons enough for a guy to be attracted to a girl who smokes?