Makeup For Different Eye Shapes

Your natural features can be brought out more with makeup, and your eyes can look more attractive. The same cosmetic look might not be appropriate for everyone, though, as various eye shapes call for various methods and supplies. Knowing your eye shape and using the appropriate makeup can help to draw attention to your eyes and produce a great appearance. Almond, round, hooded, monolid, and downturned are a few of the prevalent eye forms. Each form demands a distinct approach to makeup, such as emphasizing certain features, giving the appearance of depth, and balancing proportions to get a pleasing overall appearance.

Types of Eye Shapes

Eyes vary in a variety of sizes and shapes, so knowing your eye shape may help you decide on the finest makeup looks, the best eyewear to complement your eyes, and even the most aesthetically pleasing hairstyles. Almond, round, monolid, hooded, downturned, and upturned are a few of the prevalent eye forms. Round eyes are round and have a discernible furrow, but almond-shaped eyes have a slightly pointed end and a larger centre.

Hooded eyes have an upper eyelid that is partially or entirely hidden, whereas monolid eyes have no discernible crease. Upturned eyes have an upward tilt, whereas downturned eyes have a small droop at the outer corner. Understanding the shape of your eyes can help you draw attention to your greatest features and put together a style that enhances your inherent beauty.

Round Eyes

Your crease will always be visibly evident, which is one of the key characteristics of round eyes. By gazing directly into the mirror and observing whether or not you can see white on the top or bottom of the iris, you can also determine if your eyes are spherical. If there is any white visible, it is obvious that your eyes are round and occasionally appear to be wider open.

Monolid Eyes

A good sign that you have a monolid eye shape is if there is little to no crease where your eyelid meets the skin behind your brows (and your lid tends to be flatter). While your eyes are open, you can't see the eye crease with this form. While your eyes are open, you can't see the eye crease with this form.

Downturned Eyes

The simplest way to tell if you have downturned eyes is to look at the corner that is furthest away from your eyes and see whether it lifts upward or downward. You may tell whether your eyes are downturned if the outer corner is pointing downward.

Upturned Eyes

To determine whether or not you have upturned or downturned eyes, you will examine the outer corners to see if they tilt upward or downward. Your eyes are upturned if they lean upward.

Almond Eyes

You have almond-shaped eyes if you can see a crease when you look at your lids and your iris touch white on both the top and bottom of your eyes. Aside from that, almond-shaped eyes also have somewhat upward-curving corners.

Hooded Eyes

A form of eye shape known as hooded eyes occurs when the top eyelid is partially or entirely hidden by extra skin on the brow bone. This could make the eye appear smaller or more closed off. When their eyes are closed, a crease on their eyelid that is evident when their eyes are open may not be present in those with hooded eyes. Hooded eyes can be improved with certain makeup procedures.

Makeup for Different Eye Shapes

The art of eye makeup demands knowledge of the various eye forms and how to bring out their best characteristics. It doesn't matter if your eyes are almond-shaped, round, monolid, hooded, downturned, or upturned—there are makeup tricks that can bring out their attractiveness. You have access to a variety of tools, including eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, and artificial eyelashes, to create gorgeous eye looks. You may create a style that enhances your natural attractiveness and makes your eyes stand out by learning about your eye shape and experimenting with various cosmetic applications. Here, we'll look at some strategies and tips for creating various eye forms.

Makeup for Round Eyes Shape

To properly highlight the beauty and form of round eyes, it's a good idea to go with a neutral colour scheme. Putting a liner in the waterline is always a smart option for round eyes. While using mascara, concentrate mostly on the top lashes and keep the lid colour lighter. Use a deeper tint in the crease.

Makeup For Monolid Eyes Shape

The monolid eye shape is most suited for using eyeliner since it can add immediate definition. "Keep it basic, clean, and stylish," is the advice given when discussing the ideal eye makeup for a monolid. "Smudge the liner when you reach the outer edges and be sure to arch the brow to define the eye shape as well" is a tip that is frequently used for monolid eyes. Another technique for enhancing monolid eyes is to use bare eyeliner on the lower waterline and lightly smudge the eyeshadow.

Makeup For Downturned Eyes Shape

The shape of downturned eyes can be greatly altered by using a lash curler to maintain the lashes curled and upright. It is advised to apply eyeliner straight across the eye instead of curling it to emphasize a downturned eye shape. "Keep your eyeliner straight. Slightly cheat the outer edge, and then use a shadow or your preferred liner to smudge out the bottom lash line as well."

Makeup For Upturned Eyes Shape

By smearing a dark shadow across the lower lid, you can effortlessly get the sexy smoky eye look. To balance out the curve of the eye, don't be afraid to go a touch thicker on the lower lash line as well. The form is balanced out by adding a smooth transition shadow down the bottom lash line from corner to corner. By extending your eyeliner and shadow to the outer corner of your eyes, you may emphasize the elevated shape even more.

Makeup For Almond Eyes Shape

The most common eye shape is an almond shape, and you can really play them up. Examining your irises will reveal whether you have almond-shaped eyes. You have almond eyes if, when looking straight ahead in a mirror, you can't see the whites of your eyes above or below the iris because they are slightly obscured along the top and bottom by your lids.

An almond form can be enhanced by almost any lining technique. Using a weightless volumizing mascara, create a classic contour look for the day by sweeping "a lighter colour across your lid and utilizing a deeper hue on the outside part of the crease." Since cat-eyes typically taper upward to a point at the outer eye, they will emphasize the almond shape's natural shape.

Makeup For Hooded Eyes Shape

A small amount of skin hangs over the eyelids in people with hooded eye forms. This is frequently the result of "a thick brow bone" and a deep-set furrow that obscures the eyelids. Eyes of any shape frequently change and start to look more hooded with aging and loss of skin elasticity. Skip the thin, delicate liner if you have hooded eyes since it tends to melt into the lid or smudge. Alternatively, choose a thick coat of eyeliner along the top lash for more definition that can brighten your eye.


Knowing your eye form and using the appropriate cosmetic methods can help to accentuate your inherent beauty and produce a dazzling appearance. You may emphasize your best features and balance proportions to create a harmonious and attractive look for every occasion by using the correct tools and methods. Also, knowing your eye shape and using the appropriate cosmetics can help to cover up any asymmetry or flaws, giving you a more proportionate and balanced appearance.

You may uncover the methods and products that work best for your eye shape by trying with several ones. This will help you design a distinctive makeup regimen that draws attention to your own features. In the end, makeup is a potent tool that may assist increase your confidence and make you feel stunning on the inside and out.

Updated on: 17-Apr-2023


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