How to Create a Smokey Eye Makeup Look?

A classic makeup look that is seductive and chic is the smokey eye. Dark eyeshadow blends and a smeared appearance around the eyes are used to create this dramatic eye makeup look. For individuals who are new to the method or beginners, it could be frightening. Any person may create a smokey eye appearance that is ideal for a night out or special occasion with the appropriate supplies and application methods.

Tips To Create a Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Wash and pat your face dry. You want your canvas to be flawless before you apply your smokey eye makeup. Employ a gentle soap or a cleansing cream. Maintain lukewarm water. While cold water doesn't clean as thoroughly as hot water, hot water might dry up and irritate your skin. Always remember to take off your makeup before going to bed. Acne can result from wearing makeup overnight because it clogs your pores.

Apply makeup primer and moisturizer. Before you start applying makeup, make sure your face is the ideal canvas.

  • Use your fingertips to gently massage a small amount of moisturizer into your skin. Skin that is properly hydrated will aid in the longevity and adhesion of your makeup.

  • Apply a pea-sized amount of makeup primer to your cheekbones, nose, forehead, and chin after moisturizing.

  • Apply eye primer with a brush to your upper eyelids. Although specialised eye primers are milder and produce better effects, general cosmetic primers can also be used.

Deftly curl your lashes. At the base of your lashes, clamp a curling tool. Continue holding it for five seconds. Curling your eyelashes opens up the eyes and works particularly well with Smokey makeup.

  • You could decide to carry out this procedure after applying eyeliner. Just be sure to curl your lashes beforehand to avoid clumping and damage.

With an impartial eyeshadow, cover your entire lid. Apply a pin-sized quantity of makeup primer to each of your eyelids with the tip of your finger. To set the primer, apply a neutral, skin-toned eyeshadow with a delicate brush. You'll have an even base for your smokey eyeshadow if you do this.

  • Also, you can use some loose powder beneath the lid to clean up any "fall out" from your use of smokey shadow. After applying your eyeshadow, wipe it off for a tidy finish.

Apply a mid-tone colour to your entire eyelid. Choose an eyeshadow colour like purple, navy, grey, or green that goes well with brown eyes. [5] The black eyeshadow you'll use in the next stage should be a touch lighter than this one. Apply it with a brush, stopping about halfway down your eyelid from the crease.

  • Brown eyes are beautifully highlighted by purple. However, if you like a more refined appearance and don't want the style to be too daring, combine it with golden brown tones.

  • Brown eyes can pop with a distinctive smokey effect created by yellow and orange tones.

Use the darkest eyeshadow colour you have to add definition. Make a modified V-shape over the region from your lash line to your eye's crease. Remember to tap your brush over the powder container before filling it with powder. Excess eyeshadow should be removed to avoid "fallout" across your cheeks.

  • If you'd prefer, use additional dark hues in addition to black. It looks good with navy blue, royal purple, and charcoal grey. Make sure the base you choose is the darkest eyeshadow colour you intend to use.

  • For this phase, cream eye shadows work best.

  • For the base, you may alternatively use an eyeliner pencil. Using the pencil, draw an outline on your lid and then smudge it with a brush or other smudging tool to cover the entire eyelid.

Blend the eyeshadow you used. Apply blending with a brush. These brushes, which are intended to produce an airbrushed impression, have thinner hairs than eyeshadow brushes. Make a slight, circular "buffing" motion with your brush by using your wrist.

  • At the lower edge of the lighter colour, combine the two eyeshadows. This will ensure a fully seamless transition between the colours, which are already close together. Work your way horizontally across the full surface of your lid, beginning at the edge that is furthest from your nose.

  • In the crease, blend the eyeshadow. Do the same buffing motions at the crease of your eyes with a new brush. Between your crease and your eyebrow, pause about halfway.

Draw attention to your brow bone. Choose a third eyeshadow that is very light to use as a highlight. This could be bare or metallic with sheen. Apply a small amount of this eyeshadow to the outside bottom corner of your brow. Also, for a brightening effect, dab some glittery eyeshadow over the inside corners of your eyes. Brown eyes will stand out especially well with a gold makeup accent.

  • Adding a dot of shimmering eyeshadow to the centre of the eyelid, a technique known as "harlequining the eye," can enlarge your eyes and add depth to your makeup.

Use an eyeliner that is either black or a shade similar to the eyeshadow you used first. As liquid liner is tough to smudge, a pencil liner will work best.

  • Starting at the outer border and thinning the line toward your nose, draw the eyeliner across the top of your upper lash line.

  • The outer third of your lower lash line should be lined with eyeliner. At the outside corner of your eye, join the upper and lower lines.

  • To mix your eyeliner, use a smudging tool.

To define your lashes, use mascara. Apply mascara with caution, twirling the brush along the lash line to help define them. In order to prevent clumps and an artificial appearance, use no more than two coats. Also, give your bottom lashes one coat.

  • To make your eyes look wider and more open, try curling your lashes. To achieve a more dramatic, long-lasting curl, you can even pre-heat your curler with a blow-dryer.

  • Every two to three months, change your mascara. When it dries out, it may begin to flake off while you're wearing it, irritating your eyes.

Makeup smudges and dropped eyeshadow should be cleaned up. Use a large, fluffy makeup brush to quickly and broadly wipe any eyeshadow or mascara that landed on your cheeks below your eyes. Use a q-tip soaked in makeup remover to remove any mascara that may have gotten on your cheeks or eyelids, and then use your blending brush to reapply any further makeup that may have been removed. You're ready to flaunt your smokey eye once you're done!


This entails using sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun and engaging in healthy skincare practices including routine washing, exfoliation, and moisturizing. A balanced diet and enough of water can both help you have healthy skin, which will make your makeup appear even more flawless.

Last but not least, keep in mind that applying makeup is a kind of self-expression that may be customized to fit your unique preferences and style. You can find what works best for you and makes you feel confident and beautiful by experimenting with various products and approaches.

Updated on: 18-Apr-2023


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