How To Create a Reverse Smokey Eye Makeup Look?

Applying darker eyeshadows to the inner corner of the eye and gradually blending them outwards to the outer corner creates the strong and distinctive makeup style known as a reverse smokey eye. This method highlights the form of the eyes with a striking and dramatic effect. We'll go over the techniques for creating a reverse smokey eye makeup look in this article.

What is Reverse Smoky Eye?

Applying black eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye and blending it outwards towards the outer corner creates a dramatic and distinctive appearance known as a reverse smokey eye. The darker eyeshadows are often placed on the outer corner and blended inward for a traditional smoky eye, but in a reversed order for a reverse smoky eye.

Numerous colour combinations can be employed with this approach, opening up countless creative possibilities. The reverse smoky eye is a strong, dramatic look that works well for formal occasions or just for some fun makeup experimenting. It is achievable with the aid of a few straightforward techniques and little practice, making it suitable for both makeup novices and pros.

Difference Between Smoky and Reverse Smoky Eye

To achieve dramatic, seductive eye looks, makeup artists frequently utilize smoky or reverse smoky eyes. The two methods do, however, differ significantly in certain important ways.

Dark eyeshadows, such black or dark brown, are frequently used to create a gradient look on the eye that ranges from light to dark from the inner to the outside corner. In order to create a diffused look, the darkest colour is often centred in the outside corner and blended outward.

On the other hand, a reverse smokey eye entails starting with darker eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye and blending it outwards progressively to the outer corner, where it is lighter or not there at all. This method can produce a vivid and distinctive appearance that highlights the contour of the eyes.

Overall, the placement of the darkest eyeshadow is the key distinction between a smoky eye and a reverse smoky eye. It is on the eye's outer corner in a smoky eye and on the inner corner in a reverse smoky eye.

Step Wise Instruction to Create a Reverse Eye Look

  • Prepare Your Eyelids − The first step to perfecting the reverse smoky eye look is to prime your eyelids. You must perform this step to prepare your eyelids for applying makeup by washing and priming them. Start by using a makeup remover to carefully wipe away any remaining makeup from your eyelids. Next, use a mild facial cleanser to clean your eyelids, and wipe them dry with a fresh towel. Apply a primer made exclusively for the eyes to your clean, dry eyelids to avoid creasing and extend the wear of your eyeshadow. Using your fingers or a brush, evenly distribute the primer over the surface of your eyelids, and then hold off on the next step until it has dried.

  • Apply Light-Coloured Eyeshadow − Applying a light eyeshadow all over your eyelids is the second step in producing a reverse smokey eye. This step is crucial because it offers a foundation for the dark eyeshadow to blend into, resulting in a smooth change from the light to the dark tones. Start by picking a light makeup shade that goes well with both the colour of your dress and your skin tone. Apply the light eyeshadow all over your eyelids with an eyeshadow brush, working your way from the inner corner to the crease. For a base that is even and smooth, make sure to thoroughly blend the edges. Your eyes will appear brighter and larger thanks to the light eyeshadow.

  • Apply Dark Eyeshadow to the Inner Corner − Applying black eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye is the third step in achieving a reverse smokey eye. This method produces a bold and distinctive appearance that highlights your eyes. Start by picking a black eyeshadow that blends well with the light makeup you applied in the previous step and your skin tone. Apply the black eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eyes with a small makeup brush, making sure to concentrate the colour there. The black eyeshadow should then be gently blended with a blending brush to produce a gradient appearance that extends from the outer corner of your eyelid to the centre. This will facilitate a seamless change from the dark to the light eyeshadow. To avoid any sharp edges, be sure to blur the edges well. Your eyes will appear more defined and seductive thanks to the black eyeshadow, which helps to add depth and character to them.

  • Blend the Dark Eyeshadow − Blending the dark eyeshadow to make a smooth transition between the dark and light colours is the fourth step in creating a reverse smokey eye. Making sure to blend properly and avoid any hard lines, gently spread the black eyeshadow from the centre of your eyelid outward. The intention is to provide a gradient appearance in which the dark shade progressively transitions into the bright shade. Blend continuously until the required intensity and shape is obtained. To further blend the eyeshadows for a smoother, more finished appearance and to soften any harsh lines, you can also use a clean brush or makeup sponge. In order to get a reverse smokey eye with a consistent and well-defined eye makeup appearance, blending is an essential step.

  • Apply Eyeliner − Applying eyeliner to the upper lash line is the sixth step in producing a reverse smokey eye. For a dramatic impact, line your eyes with black or a dark brown eyeliner. Draw a thin line down your top lash line beginning in the inner corner and gradually thickening it as you travel towards the outside corner. If you want a more dramatic appearance, you can also wing the eyeliner outward. To prevent any gaps, keep the eyeliner in close proximity to your lash line.

  • Apply Mascara − Applying mascara to your upper and lower lashes is the sixth step in achieving a reverse smokey eye. Your eyes will appear bigger and more prominent thanks to this, which will also help define and enhance them. Gently twist the mascara wand back and forth as you work your way up to the tips of your lashes starting at the base. If you want a more dramatic effect, add a second coat, and coat your lower lashes as well. Remove any extra mascara from the wand before applying it to avoid clumping.

  • Add False Lashes (Optional) − Applying fake lashes for a more dramatic appearance is the seventh and last step in producing a reverse smokey eye. Select a look that accentuates the shape of your eyes and the intensity of your eye makeup. The base of the false lashes should have a small quantity of lash adhesive on it. Carefully lay the false lashes along your natural lash line. Hold them in place for a short while to allow the adhesive to dry.


A reverse smokey eye is a striking and distinctive makeup style that can assist draw attention to your eyes' form. Darker eyeshadows are applied to the inner corner of the eye and blended outward to the outer corner. This technique may be used to produce a number of appearances, from dramatic and edgy to delicate and romantic, using a variety of colour combinations.

Apply primer to your eyelids first to create a reverse smokey eye, and then cover the entire lid with light eyeshadow. Apply darker eyeshadow next, blending it outward from the inner corner of the eye. Up until you obtain the required intensity and shape, keep layering and blending. To complete the look, apply mascara, artificial eyelashes, and eyeliner.

Updated on: 05-May-2023


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