How To Create a Glitter Cut Crease Eye Makeup Look?

The glitter cut crease eye makeup look is a dazzling and striking look that can add some glitz to any formal event. In order to achieve this eye makeup look, you need to use contrasting eyeshadow colours to produce a strong, defined line in the crease of the eye and a glittering pop of colour on the lid. Anyone can get this amazing eye makeup look, which is ideal for a night out or special occasion, with a little practice and a few basic makeup tools.

What is a Glitter Cut Crease Eye Makeup Look?

Using a contrasting eyeshadow colour, one can create a sharp, defined line in the crease of the eye with a glitter cut crease eye makeup look. Concealer or a similar product is generally used to cut the crease line to produce a clear, precise edge. up order to get a dramatic, sparkly appearance, the lid is then filled up with a glittery eyeshadow or loose glitter. This eye makeup style is well-liked for special events and can be tailored to individual tastes by using various colour combinations. It takes some experience and necessary cosmetic items like eyeshadow primer, contrasting eyeshadow colours, and glitter eyeshadow or loose glitter to create the perfect glitter cut crease eye makeup look.

Step Wise Instruction

  • Step 1 − Begin with a blank face. By doing this, you'll be able to work on your eyes without having to reapply foundation in case you make a mistake. You'll also prevent your foundation from smudging. Apply moisturizer after cleansing your skin with your regular cleanser.

  • Step 2 − Apply a little layer of eyeshadow primer to your eyelids. The colour will mix more naturally and remain longer as a result. The majority of eyeshadow primers are liquid and are applied using a light makeup brush. Use concealer rather than primer if you prefer a soft, less pronounced cut crease. Additionally, lighter hues give the appearance of wider eyes.

  • Step 3 − The brow bone and inner corners of your eyes should be covered with a neutral makeup. Apply neutral eyeshadow delicately in the inner corners of your eyes and along the underside of your brows using a small, fine-tipped makeup brush. Your brows and eyes will look more defined as a result. Keep the eyeshadow on available in case you make any little errors or unintentional blurring when doing the remainder of your makeup.

  • Step 4 − Put a medium-toned eyeshadow in the creases of your eyelids. Lean back and create a tiny arch with your eyeshadow brush just above your natural eyelid crease. To open up your eyes and make them appear larger, the curve should be less severe than your natural curve. For this layer, matte, natural-looking colours will typically work best, though after you get the hang of it, you might want to experiment with stronger hues. The best eyeshadow brush to use for applying this contour is a fluffy one.

  • Step 5 − With a darker eyeshadow, go over the creases on your eyelids. Select a colour that is darker than your initial layer yet similar to it. For instance, attempt a dark brown if your initial application of shadow was a champagne colour. Choose black for a more dramatic appearance. Only the deepest portion of your crease should be highlighted with this line, which should be thinner than the first coat of eyeshadow.

  • Step 6 − Apply eyeshadow using an angled brush. If you have hooded eyes, you might want to delicately trace with the darker eyeshadow just above your creases to prevent the outline from blending into the fold of your eyelid.

  • Step 7 − As you move up near your eyebrows, blend the darker eyeshadow. The darkest area of your crease should be carefully blended into the base eyeshadow using a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Make sure the darker colour is mixing seamlessly and use gentle stroke.

  • Step 8 − Below the crease that was cut, apply a brighter eyeshadow. A dramatic look can be achieved with bronze or gold, or you can emphasize your natural eye colour by selecting an item from the other side of the colour wheel. For instance, warm colours like copper mix well with blue, while green eyes will stand out effectively in pink or purple tones. Don't mix this layer of eyeshadow with the cut crease, please.

  • Step 9 − Above your eyelashes, add a small line of concealer. The colours will appear more dramatic and the bottom edge of your eyeshadow will be cleaned up. Be careful not to smudge your eyeshadow when you apply it with a fine brush or applicator. Applying this line should cover the entire width of your lower lashes, and it should be around the same thickness as eyeliner.

  • Step 10 − To achieve a cat-eye appearance, use liquid black eyeliner to form a wing-like shape. Choose a marker-tip or liquid black eyeliner and draw wing-like lines that extend past the corners of your eyes and upward just a bit. The eyeliner should start off thin and get a little thicker as it gets closer to the outer corners of your eyes before coming to a point.

  • Step 11 − To give your cut crease some sparkle, add some glitter. You may use glitter eyeliner to draw over your cut crease for an even more spectacular appearance. Instead, if you want to add glitter to your lids, apply a tiny layer of glitter base and wait for the primer to get tacky, around 10 minutes. Next, use a dry brush to add loose glitter.

  • Step 12 − By keeping the rest of your makeup minimal, you can emphasize your dramatic eyes. Your cut creases will seem smoky and stunning but not overdone if you wear minimal makeup and subdued, natural tones for the rest of your appearance. Select a matte lipstick or gloss, a minimum amount of blush, or none at all.

  • Step 13 − If you want to emphasize your look, add artificial eyelashes. After applying your makeup, you can add thick, black artificial eyelashes for a dramatic, retro-pin-up appearance. When you're heading out clubbing or dressing up for a festival, this might be a fun addition.


With the proper equipment and methods, you can create a glitter cut crease eye makeup look, which is a daring and gorgeous appearance. It calls for some necessary cosmetics, like eyeshadow primer, contrasting eyeshadow colours, glitter eyeshadow, or loose glitter. It's crucial to practice how to draw a precise, defined line in the crease of the eye.

Anyone can accomplish this gorgeous appearance with time and careful attention to detail. The use of glitter and makeup in excess, however, can cause skin irritation and other issues, so it's crucial to always use makeup sparingly and to take good care of the skin.

Updated on: 05-May-2023


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