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Multiple food and drink items produced by Lyons Magnus have been voluntarily recalled due to possible contamination with Cronobacter sakazakii. There have been no known cases of sickness or complaints about the things. The FDA is helping with the recall effort.

Dry foods, including baby formula and powdered milk, may be a breeding ground for the bacterium cronobacter, which can survive in arid conditions. These bacteria may lead to life-threatening bloodstream infections (sepsis) or meningitis, an inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord (CDC).

While cases of Cronobacter infection are uncommon, they may happen to anybody; nevertheless, some populations are more likely to suffer a life-threatening illness. Cronobacter infections are more common in newborns less than 2 months of age, preterm infants, and infants with compromised immune systems. The FDA has said that none of the recalled items were designed for use by babies (those less than one year of age).

The Elderly and Those With Weaker Immune Systems may also be at a Greater Risk

Adults may have a fever, nausea, vomiting, and a urinary tract infection due to this illness (UTI).

A failure to fulfill commercial sterility criteria is said to be the root cause of the possible contamination, as determined by a preliminary root-cause analysis.

Stumptown, Oatly, Intelligentsia, Kate Farms, Glucerna, Aloha, and Premier Protein are some brands whose beverages, nutritional supplements, liquid coffee, nutritional shakes, protein shakes, and thickened liquids are being recalled.

The business has released a statement detailing the recalled items and the associated lot numbers. Lot numbers are printed on the top of each sold carton and on the side of each case containing several cartons. The FDA website features pictures of the recalled items.

Potentially Tainted Items Should be Thrown Away or Returned to the Store for a full Refund.

A recall of infant formula was issued in February 2022 due to concerns about cronobacter. Abbott Laboratories, the formula maker, voluntarily closed down its facilities to make the necessary corrections to align them with legal and sanitary standards.

A new Product or Recipe can only be Developed with These Tendencies

To assist our partners in finding opportunities that would connect with their client base, we employ our own research and analysis to provide them with customized insights, says John Koch, VP of National Accounts.

The Plant Life Cycle Continues

These days, "flexitarian" diets are becoming more popular. People are cutting down on meat intake for various reasons, including those related to the environment and health. Credit this movement for the popularity of plant-based options in supermarkets and dining establishments. Expect to see fast food restaurants add plant-based tenders and chicken nuggets to their menus and potato milk to replace soy and nut milk as the trendy plant milk of choice.

On the Hunt for Immunology

Our list of top trends for 2018 includes immunity once again. Because of the worldwide epidemic, there has been a surge in the popularity of foods and drinks that contain "functional" components that may help with health problems or prevent them in the future. Products that help strengthen one's immune system are the most in demand among the many functional foods and drinks on the market. Immunity-boosting ingredients and tastes, including citrus and other vitamin C-rich fruits, live yogurts, berries rich in antioxidants, ginger, green tea/matcha, dark chocolate, and turmeric will continue to be popular among consumers searching for a nutritional silver bullet.

Traditionally Pleasant and industry-familiar

You can count on seeing a lot of old favorites on 2022 menus and advertisements. Customers' preferences continue to trend towards products and experiences that evoke feelings of childhood comfort. At a time of dwindling menus, staffing constraints, and ongoing supply chain issues, this development is music to the ears of the restaurant industry.

Heat the Coffee, Please

That's great news, by the way! Some businesses have seen a rise in cold coffee drink sales to 75%, with the majority of that revenue coming from cold brew, iced coffee, and nitro coffee. Cold coffee beverage sales are on the rise, and it's not only due to the increasing popularity of iced coffee among the younger demographic. According to several businesses, all cold beverage categories are up as consumers seek out novel tastes that are difficult to replicate at home.

Viciously hot, Viciously Hotter, Viciously Hottest

Now more than ever, spicy foods are trending. The popularity of spicy meals like ghost pepper spread french fries and Carolina Reaper based chicken wings is expected to increase next year. Customers' knowledge of spices has increased, and they can now tell the difference between the many types of peppers sold commercially. A more comprehensive range of pepper varieties means you may choose the amount of heat you want.


Lyons Magnus, a world leader in the food business, manufactures and distributes various items in the food service and food ingredient sectors. Thanks to its advanced product development platform, Lyons Magnus has the know-how to market both unique formulations and high-quality Lyons brand goods. Frozen Fruit Toppings, Designer Dessert Sauces, Sweet Indulgence Sauces, Maui Fruit Blends for blended beverages, FlashPak dispensed Juices, Premium Beverage Syrups, and Ready Care Thickened Beverages and Supplements for the healthcare channel are just some of the company's most well-known and innovative foodservice products.

Updated on: 07-Apr-2023


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