Look at Figure 4.1 and answer the following questions

(a) What change would you observe in the calcium hydroxide solution taken in tube B?
(b) Write the reaction involved in test tubes A and B respectively.
(c) If ethanol is given instead of ethanoic acid

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(a) The changes observed in B is that Calcium Hydroxide solution would become milky.

(b) Reaction in Tube A: 
$CH_3COOH+NaHCO_3 → CH_3COONa + CO_2 + H_2O$
Reaction in tube B
$Ca(OH)_2 + CO_2 → CaCO_3 + H_2O$

(c) If ethanol is replaced with ethanoic acid, the same change will not be observed as Ethanol will not react with Sodium Hydrogen carbonate.

(d) A solution of lime water can be prepared in the laboratory by taking distilled water in a beaker and mixing Calcium carbonate powder to it, thoroughly. Allow the solution to settle and decant the clear solution to obtain the lime water.
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