Is true that a baby's behavior could be determined by his birth month?

Can you believe that statisticians have found a connection between a child’s birth month and his/her behavior? A recent study says that the birth month of your child influences his/her attitude towards life, towards his/her career, and a glimpse of his/her personality.

January Born Children: They are responsible, happier, and appear grown up at a young age. They love completing their homework than playing. Also, they need some kind of motivation to grow and become successful in life.

February Born Children: They absorb information quickly, value independence, energetic, and they are born innovators. They learn things faster than their playmates and don't like to dance to anyone's tunes.

March Born Children: They are generous, intuitive, honest, sympathetic, and creative. Also, they are reserved, secretive, and shy. They hate loud noises and are also scared of monsters. As peace loving and caring people, they like to help those in need and acknowledge kindness.

April Born Children: They have a positive attitude towards life and are extremely confident children. Also, they are risk takers and have a good memory.

May Born Children: They are fond of clothes, love collecting stuff, like making money at a younger age, and are careful, practical, and consistent. Also, they value loyalty and are honest and consistent in their relationships.

June Born Children: June born children very humorous, can be best occupied with books and are great personalities. Also, they are good entertainers and communicators and are never at a loss for words.

July Born Children: They are imaginative, sensitive to other's feelings and emotions, intuitive, and love to protect their family members at any cost.

August Born Children: They are attention seekers, don't like to be criticized, have strong egos. They like to be praised and pampered. They hate not being trusted, they hate studying; and love to be loved.

September-Born Children: These children are extremists. They love taking care of animals. They are perfectionists and are very good organizers. These children can be amazing writers. Also, they are diplomatic, critical; criticize themselves too often, active, dynamic, and very analytical.

October Born Children: They love beauty and arts of all forms. They are very smart and fearless. These children are unpredictable and don't care to control emotions.

November Born Children: Trustworthy, loyal, independent, and passionate are some of the traits of November born children. They love mystery books and puzzles. They are quite revengeful and could be emotional in love or anger. These kids could be mysterious and wild at times.

December Born Children: They are usually happy, often love going to school, learn philosophy at a very early age, and also known for their enthusiasm and optimism. They have a keenness for religion and can turn out to be very patriotic. They are soft-spoken, sensitive, generous, loyal, ambitious, competitive, humorous, funny, and rarely show emotions.