Is there any technique to stop your orgasms from fading?

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Orgasms are fantastic, no matter which sex you belong to. It's the peak of pleasure that one can reach during sex or masturbation. While women's typically last for as long as 20 seconds, a man's orgasm is usually over in just 3 seconds. Oh, wait! That's not all, women also have the advantage of getting multiple climaxes in a single play. So, while that may sound exciting, it may not be as exciting when you notice your orgasms fading.

  • Remove that seed of insecurity that's in your head about your body because this can make the arousal fade away, and you lose the energy required to climax.

  • To get over the hump eliminate those negative thoughts about your body with your own moans. That noise will prevent you from getting distracted and make you focus on the sound. This will help you take delight in the activity than looking at your body.

  • Get over the performance anxiety to please your man by not focusing on the orgasms as the objective. Simply enjoy the activity than concentrating on what will happen in the end. So, take a break intermittently during the sex game and switch things up.

  • Most of the times our brains are too busy even during the sexual activity and that's one of the biggest hindrances to reach climax. Focus only on the sensations and try to push away any other thoughts. Feel every touch and stroke and do away with any anxiety.

  • Suppressed anger over a fight that happened last night may be a big roadblock to that fantastic orgasm. So, make sure that you sort out any issues with your partner before you get busy in the activity. Talking it out with your partner can develop intimacy, or in extreme cases, it's good to consult a couple therapist.

Updated on 27-Apr-2022 05:49:06