Is sharing of Knowledge, Good or Bad?

Being a knowledgeable person is always admirable and respected by people. But sharing your knowledge is something which impacts and enhances the quality of your personality and leaves a good impression to others. Sharing knowledge makes you feel happy and satisfied.

There are many advantages of knowledge sharing and these are:

  • Sharing knowledge will always push you to learn something new because you will be enthusiastic to learn new things and share with others.

  • This quality always keeps you motivated and leads to continuous development. Sharing knowledge keeps you updated all the time.

  • It gives power and confidence to perform well and be bold.

  • Sharing knowledge can inspire and motivate others. You will become a leader by sharing your knowledge and people will follow automatically. This is why Knowledge is called Power. This will increase your circle and friends and make you famous.

So, in simple words, knowledge sharing leads to happiness and it is good !!!