Is My Husband Gay?

Have you seen any changes in your husband's conduct that make you wonder whether he has a crush on males?

Your spouse may be an honorable and reliable guy, but you still can't shake the feeling that he's homosexual. We have identified nine indicators that your spouse may be homosexual and concealing it from you.

The Gay Husband Test: How to Find Out Whether Your Partner Is Gay

For a woman to be married to a guy for many years and yet feel that something is "wrong" is not unheard of.

Some wives can't shake the suspicion that their husbands are homosexual.

Some women don't notice the warning signals, while others are adept at ignoring them so they don't disrupt their routine.

The signs that your spouse is homosexual are easy to see, so let's look at them.

In the Past, he has Been Openly Homosexual

Has your hubby ever been bisexual or had a homosexual experience with another man? They probably did this when younger and chalked it up to inexperience or alcohol.

Even if they no longer have those opportunities because of your marriage, it doesn't mean they don't sometimes yearn for them.

It's Common for him to Frequent LGBT Hangouts

Your spouse may tell you he often visits gay clubs to show his support for his LGBT pals. Although this may be the case sometimes, it is unacceptable to occur frequently.

Is it Possible That my Husband is gay? Symptoms

If the steps above seem familiar, you may need further explanation. Your partner could be gay.

It's time to talk if you've seen most of these signs in your marriage.

His Lack of Ardor During Make-out Sessions

There may be a lack of sexual desire between you and your partner if you engage in sexual activity.

He seems uninterested in what you're doing, and his actions seem robotic. Presumably, he stands up after it's done.

Sexual Isolation

What happened to your sexual life? If your partner identifies as gay, he or she may not be interested in having sexual relations with a female partner.

Because this is the case, they avoid having sexual encounters with you. The situation shouldn't be taken personally. He could have a thing for males.

The Past of the Internet Check to see if any other guys have been looking for homosexual porn recently.

It's not required that all previous searches be shady. Maybe it will deal with homosexual men, coming out, etc.

No Internet Past Exists

Although you may not have found evidence of your spouse's homosexuality in their internet activity, a complete absence of such action might be a red sign.

Most people have memories associated with their smartphones and laptops. He may say he has put his past behind him if he does.

They may be trying to keep something from you.

Incomplete Strangers on Social Media

Do you know most of your husband's online acquaintances? Particularly amongst your coworkers, you may have yet to have the chance to meet everyone.

Is it possible that there exists an LGBT population of which you are unaware and that they have friends to whom they have never introduced you?

LGBT Dating Websites

Your husband is homosexual if he has a profile.


Contrast this with a gay man, who is not the same as a heterosexual person who is tolerant of homosexuals and homosexual references.

If your partner often engages in gay-themed conversation or entertainment, they may be homosexual.

Interested, Attractive Males

In the media, it is usual to compliment another person of the same sex as yourself.

If your partner is flirting with another man, you should be worried.

You can count your partner lying if you ask him about his desires.

Trying to Make a Change

He may not have shared his true feelings about other guys with you. Maybe putting on an act will allow him to conceal his true feelings. He may act as though gay people and/or homosexuality are repulsive to him.

And he Comes Right out and Tells you That he is Homosexual

Is it an open secret in your marriage that your spouse has a thing for other men? Maybe you disregarded his words as a joke at the time.

It's important to talk to your spouse again to get the details, assuming he's been forthcoming and honest with you.

He Explains why There isn't any Sexual Activity

Have you and your spouse ever experienced a decrease in sexual activity? Your husband's performance has dropped, but has he offered any explanations?

Maybe he meant to imply that many couples' marriages eventually become dull and sexually inactive. Without other explanations, a decline in sexual activity may indicate he is a gay partner.

He's Concealing Sexual Enhancers

Did your spouse eventually need medicine to perform to his usual standard whenever the two of you had sex? Somewhere in the home, you could have discovered an unfilled prescription for erectile dysfunction medication.

He Likes Weird Things, Sexually Speaking

Have you been requested to perform kinky things that appear out of the ordinary for you and your homosexual spouse so that he can enjoy sex? What turns him on may not always be what you'd expect, and that might make you nervous or even uncomfortable.

He Complains About Being Hemmed in all the Time

Is he complaining that he can't get out of the marriage but giving you no real reasons? He may need to put up a front if he isn't naturally attracted to women.

There are no significant conflicts or clashes, but he is still constantly seeking an exit strategy from the relationship.

He is Always on the Road for Work

If your spouse is often disappearing without a trace, it may be because he is engaging in homosexual subculture activities behind your back.

While he should be resting in his hotel room at night, is there any way to contact him? If he's more comfortable being openly homosexual while away from home, he could be doing something undercover while you're not looking.

Updated on: 14-Apr-2023

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