Is it true that we should not add salt to curd?

No, according to me adding salt to curd only enhances its taste. If you are buying the curd or yogurt from a store, they do not have fat in them. Additionally, if you are buying the fat-free milk to prepare the curd at home, there is no need to add salt as during the process of curd formation, it will itself release the salt in it. However, there are two sides to it.

Why Adding Salt Can Be Advantageous?

  • However, most of us who make curd at home using cow milk, generally do add a little amount of salt to enhance the taste and also to boost up digestion.

  • Salt has the ability to make food taste good. So, adding a little amount of salt to curd does not harm you.

  • When you are consuming the curd at night, most of the doctors suggest adding salt as it will boost up digestion.

Why Adding Salt Can Be Unhealthy?

  • But, it is advisable that you do not add excessive salt in the curd, especially for the people who have high blood pressure. They should avoid adding much salt in curd or in other food. Such patients can add a little amount of sugar to the curd to enhance the taste.

  • Though, adding salt to curd not have many disadvantages, but patients having heart ailments can avoid intake of salt as it increases the chance of stroke, hypertension, dementia and also other heart diseases.