Is diary writing a good habit at night?

Diary-keeping is a boon for many people. If one is a busy businessman, one may not remember everything, so in that case, diary making is a habit with immense benefits. Some people intend to write things that have happened in their life daily. This is also good so that when one reads it after some years one will definitely relish it.

In today’s busy world, IT professionals have a number of tasks to do. They need to keep informed of the projects, flowcharts, data etc. In that case, also, this is beneficial. It is good because whatever stresses are in life can be relieved by writing. You may not have a friend in your life, but the diary serves to be your best friend at times. One may write someday just to keep note of something, and feel the need to revise those years later.


Diary is an autobiographical tool. Even if you have never mustered up the courage to maintain one. You can start jotting down some points of daily experience and will see that it not only improves self-confidence and increases the amiable relationship of one with oneself, but also is a readily available friend and a mate. Hence, it is a good habit at night.