Is dark chocolate an effective stress reliever?

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Dark chocolate is one of the best resources of antioxidants. It is made from cocoa seeds and loaded with nutrients that can affect positively on our health. They are best to lower the risk of heart disease.

A new study shows that the stress-induced chocolate cravings may be justified eating dark chocolate and it is proven to lower levels of stress hormones produced in people who feel stressed.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate

  • An ounce and a half of dark chocolate a day for two weeks reduces levels of stress hormones in the body and they also correct other stress-related biochemical imbalances.

  • When we are under stress, the chemicals produced in the body raise our blood pressure. These chemicals or hormones will be stored in the parts of the nervous system. Studies have shown that consuming dark chocolate will reduce these chemicals.

  • According to some latest research, the effect of chocolate also lowers the levels of cortisol and epinephrine which are the brain's response to stress. Since the body response after consuming dark chocolate has considerably got lowered the risk of high Blood pressure and heart problems are also controlled.

  • Above all dark chocolate or chocolate rich in flavonoids is a healthy food choice. The benefits of dark chocolate need to be carefully considered with the calories consumed, but in general, there are multiple heart-related advantages with frequent consumption.

Updated on 29-Apr-2022 06:32:43