Is buying home appliances from home shop channels worth it?

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Teleshopping or Home shopping is one of the ways of shopping while sitting in the comfort of your house. The marketer showcases his product live (not exactly) the consumer watches it on his television screen. If a product interest a viewer, he calls on the given Toll-free number and gets the product delivered at home.

Pros and Cons

The answer to this question is very much similar to answering whether ”Fire is beneficial or harmful?” Certainly, the answer is neither always Yes and nor it's always No. Below is a list of advantages, which make us realize that the home-shopping funda is a boon.

  • Customers save up a huge amount of time and energy.

  • Certain gifts and offers are a bonus for the customer too.

  • It is convenient for those who are not tech-savvy or do not visit the supermarkets or malls for the products.

  • Some customers are accustomed to the "touch and feel" appeal before they pay for it. For such customers, the option of 'Cash on Delivery' exists.

But one cannot cite always the advantages in the case of home shop appliances. There are following disadvantages too:

  • Teleshopping is carried out by people on television who are putting in their word that they use the product so they are endorsing it. But who knows the truth?

  • We do not usually open the product the moment it is in our hands after delivery by the delivery boy. We sit back and then open. In such case, when any defective piece is provided to us, we get in the journey of return and reorder, which is cumbersome.

  • Sometimes in the products like Sarees and other dress materials, the color varies- The product we see on the television screen sometimes differs than the one we receive.

Overall, it's all about the consumer and his preferences and keeping these pros and cons, in mind one can make a decision.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24