Future of Home Automation

Home Automation is creating new automation technologies for houses that will make them smart using internet-based technologies. These homes/houses that use home automation technologies are smart Homes.

This field of home automation is fastly emerging in technology making homes safer and better places to live. These features help users to virtually monitor and control home attributes like lights, entertainment systems, security, climate control, etc.


Home Automation is getter popular day by day making it the basic requirement for future homes which will be smart enough to provide the best possible comfort to people. This technology has a lot of scop in feature, here are some of them

  • Integration of Smart Home Devices − Smart devices are so common and popular devices that are becoming integral parts of our lives. Devices like smart Homes (google home, Amazon Echo, Apple homepod) and smart assistants make it easy to control smart devices installed at homes connected via IoT. Also, there are a lot of smart devices and integration available to the users to perform daily house tasks like switching lights, and other devices, changing light colors, checking for home security like using cameras, door speakers and mic, and door locks that can be controlled using smartphones. And there are many more technologies that are under development to make our homes smarter.

  • Development of smarter home appliances − Daily household devices which we have been using for decades are evolving to become smarter providing better results to their users. Some common devices that have evolved are −

    • Lights − New smarter lights have changed the traditional home lighting system. These lights have the capability to change colors and brightness based on time and users' preferences.

    • Television − One of the most common entertainment devices is our T.V. sets which also have evolved a lot using IoT technology.

    • Refrigerator and Washing Machine − Smart household devices are getting better that can sense the environment and optimize their performance. Like refrigerators can change the way they work based on the temperatures changes outside to make sure the food inside is not harmed.

  • Increasing control, customization, and efficiency − The new smart devices are making centralized control and customization based on the environment better like never before. The ability to control everything from light, security to devices like watching machines and air conditioners from one device using audio controls and just a few taps is the vision of the feature. Smart devices like smart A.C.’s can change the temperature based on time, environment (outside temperature), and the number of people.

  • Virtual World − Like facebook’s recent can to meta with the concept of the metaverse. The future of smart homes will be consisting of devices that will provide virtual experiences like new before where everything will be possible without even moving out of homes. Things like ordering stuff, meetings, parties, working will evolve to less physically demanding which can be done virtually from our smart homes.