I’m only a graduate, how can I be rich?

In my opinion, graduation is a good level to have an idea of the existing conditions. You need to know your strengths and possibilities to do anything. If being a graduate and seeking a career in your core field satisfies you, you can go ahead but don’t expect to become rich with that. Counting days to become rich just by working for an employer is like counting stars that never end.

Go Online

If you want to focus on growing up financially, there are many ways these days. With growing technology and internet availability, opportunities have increased widely.

  • You can hire programmers and developers and release an app that would rock.
  • Estimate the needs of people and make those goods or services available online.
  • Try online Poker if you are great at it to gain some extra bucks.
  • Record some of your interests or your skills and upload on the internet.
  • Invest in Share market and go up for online trading.

Though these are the methods that earn a lesser amount initially, they might benefit you with consistent efforts. To be successful or to be rich, never dedicate your complete time to a single work. Divide your time wisely and invest in many things. A single source of income is never suggestible.

Become an Entrepreneur

There are successful entrepreneurs in this world who haven’t finished even their high school. From Walt Disney to Wolfgang Puck and from Steve Madden to Tom Anderson, all are college and school dropouts who earned Millions in Business. When supply meets the demand, money is the outcome. Know the market, churn the ideas, create something new and market it widely. Nothing is a bar when you dare.