I find it very difficult to wash blankets at home. What to do to clean them at home?

Winter blankets are way too difficult to wash at home, as though by most of us due to their huge size and heavyweight. But the proper method of cleaning will reduce a bit of the trouble for us.

  • Read Instructions − Before washing any winter blanket, you must patiently check the instructions given by the manufacturer clearly on the winter blanket. Only then accordingly, choose the appropriate method to clean them, else you might damage them.

  • Shake It − You might not realize but a woollen blanket will gather a lot of dust whether visible or invisible. That is why, before washing these winter blankets, it is a good idea to shake them to remove the dust (if any). You can use a vacuum cleaner as well to get rid of the dust if you own one. Else you a stick and tap it vigorously over the blanket. Keep your mouth covered with a scarf, to avoid any infection.

  • Use Mild Detergent − Never use strong chemical detergents for washing winter blankets. Use mild detergents such as Ezee, Safe wash which is easily available in the market nowadays. For a particular stain, which may be there on the blanket, you may use Vanish, which will help to remove even the toughest stains. For washing either, find a wide tub or large basin for your blanket with cool water. Mix these mild detergents like Ezee and Safe wash and let it spread through the water. Now, soak it properly and drag the blanket back and forth in the soapy water. If this is difficult, use the washing machine and drain the soap into the machine itself.

  • Dry − You can try drying it in the dryer of your washing machine as normal squeezing and all will not be possible. Use low heat settings or gentle mode in order to clean winter blankets.

Updated on: 25-Jun-2020


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