I feel inclined towards the writing style of only one author. Is it okay to have one particular favorite?

It is completely normal to have one particular favorite author to whom you either always look up to in terms of how to write or what to pick up to read. It does happen that one is interested in romantic comedies or fiction or poetry or prose, but it is even fine if one has a personal favorite author.

Why Does One Develop A Favourite?

What makes an author your favorite? Is it the writing style that appeals you or the genre in which he or she writes. Because if by chance you are stuck up with the author because he offers brilliant fiction and suddenly you come across one of his poems and you straightaway develop some sort of dislike for him, it means you were all the past time even ignorant about those other writers who might write even better fiction than 'your favorite' so far.

Try Changing Authors

Try reading different genres of literature and acquaint yourself with various works of your personal favorite so far. Just like a platter is well relished if one does not miss any dish on it, similarly, an author is well known and his work well read if one enjoys various writings of his.

Literature is the provenance of wisdom. The more one reads, the more one enjoys and understands various philosophical thoughts and ideas. One should not only read them but also swallow and digest them completely.