How will the Hyderabad Global Entrepreneur Summit 2017 be helpful to India?

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The Global Entrepreneur Summit was held in Hyderabad from 28th to 30th November 2017. Ms. Ivanka Trump, the Daughter and Advisor of the American President Donald Trump visited Hyderabad as the Senior White House Advisor. This summit consisted of 1,500 entrepreneurs from 170 countries, where most of them were women and had 350 participants from the US and many Indian-Americans. The theme of this summit was “Women First and Prosperity for All”.

What Is This All About?

The agenda of GES 2017 consisted of breakout sessions, master classes, and workshops. Networking sessions were also provided for the entrepreneurs attending the GES for the enhancement of opportunities. This had especially highlighted the need for women empowerment.

Nearly 300 investors and ecosystem supporters have attended the GES 2017, whose main aim was to catalyze the investments and to help the businesses coming up. The entrepreneurs who had attended the meet had the opportunity to develop their ideas and to increase the potential of their existing businesses or to seek help regarding the technical aspects to take them to the next level.

What Were Discussed?

These discussions were focused on empowering women in today’s society and how to make the most use of technology to generate businesses. They made the young entrepreneurs aware of the opportunities and new ways to explore businesses. Different sessions were conducted where the panelists spoke about how the entrepreneurs can tap into private equity. Opportunities to excel and churn businesses in the fields of technology, entertainment, healthcare, sports, agriculture, modernizing mobility infrastructure, managing scare resources etc. were discussed.

In another session, the other panelists explained the delegates how to turn the creative and entertainment industry into a source of revenue, jobs, and wealth creation. Roles of coaches, mentors, and sponsors were also discussed. The panelists of breakout sessions had discussed the hurdles they came across during their journey of building up their careers.

Are They Helpful?

These meetings enable partnerships where the global entrepreneurs get golden opportunity of promoting their business overseas and also to get on with mutual agreements for the substantial economic growth of their business, which indirectly increases the country’s GDP. The ideas they share and the inspirations they provide might ignite the spirits of future entrepreneurs who can really make wonders.

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