What are Protein mats? How are they helpful to the environment?

Scientists have figured out a way that enables the protein to stay active outside its cell. They progressed in combining proteins with synthetic components like fiber that ensures the protein activity. This opens a giant door to develop protein mats that can soak up and trap chemical pollution. This is a great boon to the natural environment which lessens the effects of pollution.

The scientists are developing fiber mats that contain random heteropolymers that stabilize organophosphorus hydrolase, an enzyme that breaks down a well-known insecticide. The researchers used the RPH/OPH combination to make fiber mats and submersed these mats in that insecticide. The mats degraded an amount of insecticide weighing approximately one-tenth of the total fiber mat in just a few minutes.

Now, this paves the way for developing protein mats that can clear the landscapes such as war zones and contaminated sites of any ill-effects. The Professor at University of California, Berkeley, Ting Xu said, “We think we’ve cracked the code for interfacing natural and synthetic systems”.

This sure does sound like some great to news and a huge sign of hope in saving our environment. But nevertheless, let's not stop doing our bit like humans in saving our planet - Earth !!!