How to Think Like a Thin Person

Thinking certainly needs to change since the mind lies at the heart of everything. Is it right to say that the overweight and the obese rule the world? Partially, yes. Consider a single research statistic. In 2016, 39% of adults 18 years and older were overweight; 13% were obese. The developed countries certainly have a higher population of overweight and obese. Is it possible to lose weight? It is a double challenge because maintaining slimness arises after successfully reducing weight. Some give up even before trying or lose patience halfway. Consuming fewer calories, and exercises like walking and the gym are all suggested as weight loss strategies. An active lifestyle with less television watching and binge eating, saying goodbye to fast foods and frequent snacking are some ways that work. 

Eat and live like a thin person

How are thin people different from obese? The thin guys are certainly very active and get around faster with less weight to carry. They have no worries about what they eat or how much. The thin people start the day with a sumptuous breakfast. They are not tempted by the sight of tasty food or exotic dishes. According to an expert, thin people live and eat naturally, obeying their instincts. The solution is to adopt such strategies and make them a part of the personality. 

Surveys of large numbers of persons indicate that the naturally thin consume a large breakfast that should ideally combine protein and carbohydrates. Oatmeal, yogurt, and fruit perhaps. Veggies and egg whites too. Adding a bit of dessert is possible. Compared to those who took small breakfasts and skipped sweets, the first group lost more weight over 32 weeks. 

Whether it is cleaning the house or walking to the office from the train station, the naturally thin get more physically active with ease. An exercise routine of an hour a day may be broken up into four parts over the day. It is scientifically proven that short stretches of exercise are essential to make up for prolonged sitting at the workstation, staring at computer screens. 

Nothing beats water

Sports drinks and soda, sugary drinks, cannot equal how good water makes a person feel and aids weight loss! Studies indicate that drinking water before lunch and repeated over the day aids weight loss. Avoid dehydration with lots of water. Further, the body sometimes confuses thirst for hunger. 

Go for high-fiber snacks

Counting calories is fine but avoid sugar and opt for fiber, protein, and anti-oxidants. An apple is good thinking and reduces calorie consumption at the next meal by 15 percent. Along with whole grains, vegetables and fruits result in fullness and reduce heart disease and cancer risks too. 

Seek adventure in small ways

Considering the millions that remain frozen in desks all day long, they need to indulge in short walks or runs in the park, according to the situation. Instead of the lure of sugary snacks and drinks that give energy, a brisk walk is refreshingly better. Browsing a magazine works too or calling somebody helps. All that is needed is a break from work. A study found that changing posture and fidgeting all day results in more weight gain. 

Thoughts need reshuffling 

Some equate weight loss with punishing exercise or fasting and giving up on favorite foods. Think in favor of slimness. Most celebrities take great pains to maintain slim figures. The truth is that slimness comes with many gifts. Self-image and confidence receive a boost. As opposed to being overweight, slimness reduces the risks of diseases, and heart problems are among them. With that approach, the slimming procedures no not appear a burden. Smile on the way to the gym. 

Make friends with that pretty dressing mirror

Particularly visual persons excel at such positive thoughts. Does the new dress drape well? Thinking negatively, give it a second thought. Thoughts and reality sometimes clash. Maybe the dress is looking good. 

Trust the emotions and the instinct

Control emotions in addition to thoughts. Forget negative comparison and consider the personal level on its own merits. Think realistically. Don’t get carried away by celebrities. Think of the possessions of the moment rather than what is lacking. Be grateful for blessings. A thin person eats by instinct according to the level of hunger. Ask if it is hunger in the first place. People eat for different reasons like beating stress. Shopping too has a range of causes. Maybe what is needed is a walk in the park. Exercise liberates. 

Constructing a body image

Consider the entire personality in the daily grind of family, personal and professional duties. Body image matters for sure and more so for women but consider several other factors too. Complex personalities may get depressed and uneasy by the body question and begin to fast to lose weight. If body issues are the problem, think about other positive aspects like the job and the spouse, kids, or home. Get satisfied with positive aspects like balance. 

Thoughts to avoid 

For the overweight, look around in the media to find several such successful professionals! Maybe they are doubly successful in professions like singing and in killing weight too. Avoid getting personal about obesity. It may be true that prejudice exists against those who are obese but it is a problem that has solutions. 

Analyze the emotions and get a grip on the thoughts and feelings behind emotions. Passing thoughts come and go all day long and they do not all come true. 

Avoid extremes of thinking and beat negative thoughts. Everything is a mixture of the positive and the negative. Imagine trying out different shoes in the mall. Each raises certain thoughts and feelings. Study the choices carefully. Avoid the urge to be perfect that is only an idea that cannot be achieved. 


Launch the new strategy with self-control and goal-setting, patience and accountability, journaling, and assertiveness. Give up the problem foods and reprogram daily life. Reduce screen time that contains advertisements of attractive dishes. Adjustments take time but change will come. Learn lessons from white tea. Why not add it to the daily or weekend diet? The least processed of green tea and black tea, white tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant. Leaves and buds are plucked early. Positive effects include weight loss, reduced skin aging, and heart disease and cancer risks. Full of antioxidants, white tea is easy to make with a stimulating taste, hot or cold. 

Updated on: 06-Feb-2023


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