How to stop myself from bullying others?

People who are often bullied at a small age grow up to rebel or turn into a bully themselves. Bullying is a very bad way of torturing mentally and demoralizing people. Kids who are bullies at a young age turn out to be a major example of failure at the older stages of life.

So, think what you’ve been doing wrong and why are you doing it? Once you realize that you have become a bully by yourself and want to come out of it, better change your attitude and refrain yourself from doing so.

But How?

Here are few methods to refrain yourself from bullying others.

Apologize to the person or people you have bullied − You need a lot of guts to confront and apologize. Do it in private and most importantly speak person to person, don’t make it a group discussion. Do not expect the person to forgive right away, give them some time to get used to the “NEW PERSON” you have become.

Get a job or do voluntary work − An empty mind is devil’s workshop! Keep yourself occupied. This is a great idea because no one outside your daily life knows what you are and what you’ve been doing. So people won’t have a preset notion on you. Change is good.

Develop new interests − Change your hobbies. Find new interests that will bring our the creative person in you. Find out about local clubs and groups you could join. Search for the inner peace in you.

Talk to someone about the problem  − You can talk to your parent or sibling, a teacher or a youth worker. Speaking to people about this might open a new perspective for you. The way you deal with the problem may be changed.

Take positive steps to help yourself − Adults who were bullies at a younger age often mess up their lives. No mental stability or job stability. Stay positive and try to change your attitude towards others. This is the first step towards a better life.