How to spend quality time with friends?

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Friends are the most interesting time pass. Hanging out with friends refreshes your day, especially after a stress-filled day. Going out for a movie or watching a favorite video is the most common thing.

Here are some tips on where you can spend some quality time with your friends.

If just two or three friends are meeting up, you can plan a few things; like singing your favorite tunes altogether or dancing in your own way differently on some selected songs. Other than these, you can try the following idea:


You can simply plan to shed a few ounces through aerobic exercises or some dancing steps.

If interested, better hit a gym as working out together makes you feel excited and encouraged to do more.

You may also plan trekking or cycling together, through green landscapes.

Styling Party

If you hang out with some fashion freaks, you may try some new hairstyles together or exchange outfits. If it’s a girl gathering, you may pull out some colorful ideas for polishing nails together or coloring hair or for some manicure or pedicure at your own home salon !!

Art-Lover Folks

Some friends are really interested in art-making such as craftworks using papers and cloths. A few of them are interested in painting or sketching, while some would like to just sit and read a novel. Pick a common interest among your friends and plan some activity which involves all of you. Imagine doing something like that with a piece of soothing music playing back !!

To have another interesting idea, you may plan to donate your old clothes by gathering at one of your friend’s place. Ask your friends to get their old clothes and clear off the old stock from wardrobes. You may also put some interest to design your old clothes. Now, fix any repairs and give them a new look, and then get out together for a slum area to donate your newly designed old clothes. Your group of friends may also plan to educate the children of slums which could give you more satisfaction.

Meet a New Cook

Whenever we hang out with our best buddies, it’s obvious to grab something to munch. But what if you try to cook some new dish which you have never tried before! Great idea, isn’t it! Surf on the net for some entirely different variety, get the list and go to the groceries store together to get things. Try experimenting with a new variety of dish with some grating or whipping that makes your day delicious.

Other activities such as playing some indoor games, or some online play-station kind of stuff or pass-on ball for some activity would also do. You may also plan a talk session kind of thing, which might include all kinds of subjects from some childhood mischievous things to college crush gossips or from Politics to Philosophy.

Have a happy time!

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24