How to select only one Radiobutton in Tkinter?

To implement the selection for one or more options, we can use the Radiobutton widget. The Radiobutton widget in Tkinter allows the user to make a selection for only one option from a set of given choices. The Radiobutton has only two Boolean values: True or False.

If we want to get the output to check which option the user has selected, then we can use the get() method. It returns the object that is defined as the variable. We can display the selection in a label widget by casting the integer value in a string object and pass it in the text attributes.


# Import the required libraries
from tkinter import *
from tkinter import ttk

# Create an instance of tkinter frame or window
win = Tk()

# Set the size of the window

# Define a function to get the output for selected option
def selection():
   selected = "You have selected " + str(radio.get())

radio = IntVar()
Label(text="Your Favourite programming language:", font=('Aerial 11')).pack()

# Define radiobutton for each options
r1 = Radiobutton(win, text="C++", variable=radio, value=1, command=selection)

r2 = Radiobutton(win, text="Python", variable=radio, value=2, command=selection)

r3 = Radiobutton(win, text="Java", variable=radio, value=3, command=selection)

# Define a label widget
label = Label(win)



Running the above code will display a window with a label widget and a set of radiobuttons that correspond to an option. Select any option from the list to see the output.