How to run Python Program?

After writing the code, we need to run the code to execute and obtain the output. On running the program, we can check whether the code is written is correct and produces the desired output.

Running a python program is quite an easy task.

Run on IDLE

To run a python program on IDLE, follow the given steps −

  • Write the python code and save it.

  • To run the program, go to Run > Run Module or simply click F5.

Run on Command Line

The python script file is saved with ‘.py’ extension. After saving the python script, we can run it from the Command Line. In the cmd, type keyword ‘python’ followed by the name of the file with which you saved the python script.


Let us suppose, we have a python script saved with the name ‘’. To run it on command line, type the following −


Run On IDE (PyCharm)

To run a python program on an IDE like PyCharm, we need to follow the given steps −

  • Create a new python file and save it with some name, say “”.You don’t need to specify the extension as it will pick it automatically.

  • After writing the required code in the python file, we need to run it.

  • To run, Click on the Green Play Button at the top right corner of the IDE. The second way to run is, Right click and select ‘Run File in Python Console’ option.

    This will open a console box at the bottom and output will be shown there.

Interactive Mode

Interactive mode is the method to type and run python code in command line. In interactive mode, the python code is written and run line by line in a sequential manner.To enter into interactive mode, open Command Prompt and type ‘python’ and press Enter.

Write one line of code and press enter to execute it and enter the second line.


To run the code in interactive mode, You must have python installed on your system. On typing ‘python’ , the version of the python installed on your system is displayed. This means that python is installed on your system and we can move forward in running python scripts. On entering one line of code i.e. print(“Hello World”) ,after pressing enter the “Hello World” is displayed.

Run on Text Editor(Visual Studio)

We can run python script on a text editor. To do so,follow the following steps −

  • Create a file with a name ,let “”.

  • Write some python code in the file.

  • To run the code, Right Click > Select Run Code. Else, press ‘Ctrl+Alt+N’ to run the code.

Updated on: 10-Mar-2021

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