How to remain COOL especially when you know you're badly tensed or frustrated?

Imagine the situation ... You have a client meeting at 10, and now it is 9.45 and you are stuck in heavy, insane traffic. There is no way that you can reach the office before 10.30. You are getting continuous calls from your boss asking "where are you now?"

Such things are beyond our control and we feel powerless to control it, so it continuously builds up anxiety and frustration. There will be some situations in life where you get extremely angry with one of the family member or a colleague or a friend, still, you have to remain cool because you cannot express anger.

In such situations in life, you may not know how to fix them, but if you do or say anything when you are tensed and frustrated, you have to face the consequences which may be more disastrous. If you reach the office in a frustrated mood, do you think you can convince the client and get the project? In that frustrated mood, if you say or do some mistake, you may end up losing your job.

In situations like this, we should not get into the trap of anger and frustration and need some mantra to remain COOL. Here is what I follow: