How to recognize mood disorder and treat it?

It can be hard to distinguish between a bad mood or exhaustion and actual depression because the symptoms can be similar. These all are mood disorders including major depression, minor depression, and bipolar disorder.

Signs of A Depressive State

  • Feeling sad or hopeless.

  • Irritability, aggression or hostility.

  • Behaving in a manner which is socially unacceptable- reacting and not responding.

  • Low self-esteem because of which the person feels low.

  • Abandoning favorite leisure activities.

  • Having difficulty concentrating on work or remembering certain facts.

  • Changes in appetite or weight

  • Changes in sleep patterns-either too much sleep or too little.

  • Talking faster than is a normal pace for someone.

  • Thinking about suicide, due to lack of interest left in living one’s own life.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

  • Talking faster than is a normal pace for someone.

  • Changes in appetite or weight

  • Irritability, aggression or hostility

  • Extremely sad or extremely happy

Treating Mood Disorders

A holistic treatment approach should not only believe in the resolution of the mood disorder by reducing their current symptoms but also their future likelihood of recurrence of the disorder. Generally speaking, treatment can include psychotherapy and drug treatment.

Key components of a good treatment plan often include a combination of the following:

  • Medication: It is imperative to get proper medication at a proper time. This is only possible through a good or renowned psychiatrist.

  • Support Groups: There are various self-help groups or support groups in many towns and cities nowadays. Hence, one can take help of them to escape from the shackles of mood disorders.

  • Support from Family and Friends: Family is a restorative agent. It heals and makes heaven in hell. Similarly, friends make one’s life easy to handle. In case of any symptom of mood disorder, these ‘apne’ can be of great help.

  • Changes In Lifestyle: Skipping, dancing, singing, reading and any recreational activity which one likes should be taken up for an ever-staying evergreen smile on one’s face.

Hence, it should be known to all of us that depression or mental illness should not be considered as a taboo. It is a state of mind and by properly treating it, one can get rid of it too.