How to quit smoking without any medicine?

Smoking is a habit that one needs to get rid of. The quicker you quit the better it is for your health. Many people have tried and quit smoking, It’s not that big a deal if you have the required willpower. You can quit smoking if you genuinely want to. Yes, it is hard to do it in the early stage, but once you have convinced yourself to quit smoking, which is the most important thing, you can do it very easily.

Everybody who smokes, know the consequences of smoking. But they will not take it seriously or have the attitude that it will not happen to us. Thanks to the Film Censor Board, the health hazards of smoking are shown before every movie are at least helping some people to avoid it.

There are many rehabilitation centers and nicotine patches kind of things that help in quitting the smoking habit. Above all is the self-determination that helps you to quit smoking without the artificial support of these kinds.

Here are some tips to help you quit smoking without any medicine.

  • Find a good reason  − You need to tell yourself a good reason to quit smoking. It may be a health issue or a family issue. You need to be reminded of it every time you smoke. Choose a reason strong enough to over-power your urge to light up a cigarette. That reason should be strong enough and you should not find excuses to slip away.
  • Prepare yourself to quit − It’s not easy as we think it is, the brain is hooked on nicotine. You need to be prepared for the withdrawal symptoms. You can always get counselling online or through a doctor before you quit smoking so that your mind will be prepared for the day you quit.

  • Tell people you’re going to quit − You can turn to your family members or your loved ones and seek for their encouragement. This can keep you motivated when you’re going through bad withdrawal. Keep yourself busy with your friends or family members.
  • Take a break − People often smoke to unwind which is exactly what nicotine does to your body. If you quit smoking, do the things you cherish. Listening to music can be one of them or even going to a gym and working out can make feel good after quitting.
  • Go on a long vacation − Go on a long vacation with your loved ones or nonsmoking friends when you are ready to quit. At least take a 2-week vacation and enjoy the vacation without thinking of artificial stimulation.
  • Reward yourself   − A lot of money is spent on smoking as it is an expensive habit. Keep a count of how much you save if you quit smoking and buy something useful for yourself with that saved up money. It will for sure keep you motivated.

With these techniques, you can easily quit smoking without any external drugs. Quitting smoking can reduce your risk of heart attack and it will be in effect from the day you quit.

Updated on: 27-Apr-2022


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