How to Print Worksheets without Fill Color?

Printing worksheets without fill color in Excel ensures that the printed copies are clear and legible, without the distraction of background colors. Whether users have applied fill colors to cells or used conditional formatting, removing the fill color before printing can enhance the readability of the printed document. By following a few simple steps, the user can ensure that the available worksheets are printed without any background colors, allowing the data and content to take center stage. This helps maintain a professional and organized appearance when sharing or presenting your Excel worksheets in hard copy format. This explanation will allow the user to understand the process of printing worksheets without any extra color. The provided example describes the process of modifying settings so that the printed result will remove the color, and use “black and white” settings only. The used example describes the process of using the “page layout” tab, to display the data.

Example 1: To print the worksheets without fill color.

Step 1

To understand the process of printing the worksheet without using the fill color. Consider the given Excel sheet below. This excels sheet contains two columns. The first column is for color, and the second column is for fill. In this example will make sure that the column fill that contains multiple colors will not display color when the print command is passed. This simply means that the sheet should display the print page layout in black and white color.

Step 2

Go to the “Page Layout” tab. This tab contains many options such as formatting data, setting themes, setting fonts, and many others. Among the available list of options, click on the below-highlighted arrow to obtain the other required option values.

Step 3

The above step will open a “Page Setup” dialog box, with multiple tabs, such as page, margins, header/footer, and many others. In the “print area” option user should need to select the area from which the user wants to select the data. But, here, will be printing the whole worksheet

After that in the “Print” label, click on the option of “Black and white”. Finally, click on the “OK” button.

Step 4

To print the Excel sheet, either go to “File” and then choose the “Print” option or use the “Ctrl+P” key combination to print the sheet. This step will open the below-given sheet preview. The opened sheet preview contains multiple setting options, such as selecting the required printer, this window also shows the current sheet number concerning the worksheet page number.


Removing blank rows from Excel worksheets and printing worksheets without fill color allows users to optimize the clarity and organization of user data. By eliminating blank rows, users can streamline the worksheet and make it more manageable for analysis and presentation. Additionally, printing worksheets without fill color ensures that the printed copies are clean and easy to read, with the focus solely on the data and content. These tasks contribute to improving the overall usability and professionalism of your Excel worksheets, allowing the user to effectively communicate the information without unnecessary distractions.

Updated on: 28-Aug-2023


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