How to overcome pregnancy depression?

Pregnancy is a phase during which most women are happy and excited. The would-be Mothers generally experience mood swings, fatigue, changes in eating pattern or sleeping patterns. They undergo physical and hormonal changes and emotional upheaval at times.

It is said that 30% of women are either anxious or worried during pregnancy. But if the symptoms of worry tend to last longer, more than two or three weeks and start interfering with daily activities, then there may be cause for concern. These may be signs of depression and may affect the babies or the mother’s health and has to be treated by the doctor.

Methods to handle depression

There are certain ways to handle depression in pregnancy and to overcome it in a healthy way. Generally, the pregnant woman needs support and care during her pregnancy so that she feels loved and cared for. When this support is lacking, she will feel sad and apprehensive of the future. To help her in being happy and in coming through her pregnancy unscathed she needs to indulge in a few activities that would help her to relax and unwind.

  • Yoga: Gentle yoga steps and breathing techniques will help her in relaxing and in keeping her relaxed. But she should have a yoga instructor to guide her professionally.

  • Attention of loved ones: Attention shown by the spouse and support given by the family and care shown to her during pregnancy always have a positive effect in unwinding her traumatic or anxious mind.

  • Financial and professional help: Factors like money and manpower always play a critical role in any institution. Similarly, if the pregnant woman is not under any financial distress and has midwives or nurses and doctors who help her and guide her through her pregnancy she would feel less stressed as she is in capable hands.

  • Regular exercise: Simple walking can help the pregnant woman relax and keep herself fit and also help in reviving her appetite.

  • Omega 3: A diet rich in omega 3 always helps to keep depression at bay.

  • Indulgence in hobbies: Keeping oneself occupied is very important during pregnancy. Indulging in hobbies can help keeps you occupied also keeps the mind free from anxiety.

  • Medication: Last but least. If depression and anxiety start interfering in daily life and impede routine activities then it is time to seek professional and medical assistance. The doctor may suggest antidepressants to reduce worry and help you in sleeping better.

  • Psychotherapy and counselling sessions: These sessions may be useful during pregnancy to help the mother to be in helping her on how to handle her anxiety and overcome her depression. She may be guided with tips to overcome her feelings of guilt, low self-esteem, failure, apprehensions of miscarriage or innate sadness.

Pregnancy is overwhelming to most women but a pregnant woman must be happy and try to relax both mentally and physically to deliver a healthy baby. In order to do this, she must adopt either the above anti-depressant natural methods or immediately seek professional help. Depression is an illness and definitely not a choice and it can be overcome through love and care.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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