How to motivate myself to go on a morning walk daily?

Motivation is the heart of all actions; whether a person fails, leads, or succeeds. It often depends upon the way he or she is motivated. It is two types, viz., internal and external. You can definitely develop a habit of a regular morning walk by motivation.

Types of Motivation and Their Significance In this Context

  • Internal Motivation − This is a kind of motivation which nobody can do for you. You know yourself better. You know the need to curtail eating or to start morning walk to become fit even more.

  • Remind Yourself of Your Past − Look at your earlier pictures, if you wish to lose weight to look the same as you used to look earlier.

  • Introspect and Contemplate − Close your eyes and think of the time when you had a lot of endurance ability and stamina. Think of how you would be benefited from the walk in order to increase stamina.

  • Reward Yourself − You can also take a self-challenge and gift yourself something or the other when you complete the minimal target you made for yourself. By rewarding yourself at whatever point an objective is accomplished, your brain evokes positive feelings, prompting to the realization that an effort brings about a positive reward.

  • External Motivation − This can be done by your friends or family members who can motivate you to be regular in your routine of a morning walk.

Technology has become so advanced that you people can install some apps for fitness and compete for points. So, always make friends who have the same mindset, as in such a group one can compare the efforts he is putting for this particular task with the efforts of others.

Updated on: 25-Jun-2020


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