How to merge columns but not merging rows in Excel?

In the article, the users are going to merge columns but it does not merge rows in Microsoft Excel. There are numerous types of structures within the Excel sheet including home, formula, and Ku-tools tabs to merge only columns, not rows that will open the dialog box according to the need. The users can use the formula to merge the data which you need in the center position. This method may be completed utilizing an easy way within Microsoft Excel by using the Ku-tools tab to merge the columns in a center position.

Example 1

Step 1

Deliberate the Excel worksheet. First, open the Excel sheet and create the data one by one from cell A1 to C10 in any cell according to the need as shown below.

Step 2

In the sheet, place the cursor in cell D2 and select it. in this cell, enter the formula that is =CONCATENATE(A2,” “, B2,” “, C2) and press enter tab to merge the data in column D2 as shown below.

Step 3

In column D2, place the cursor and drag it to column D10 that will automatically enter the formulas and it will display the merged data one by one as shown below.

Example 2

Step 1

In the sheet, we have to select the data from A2 to C10 to merge the data. Place the cursor in the ribbon. In the ribbon, there are many tabs included in the top corner. Place the cursor in the Ku-tools tab and click on the tab that has many options included. On the Ku-tools tab, place the cursor and click on the Merge & Split tab which has a drop-down menu on the Ranges & Cells group. Click on the menu and select Combine Rows, Columns, or Cells without losing the data tab that will open the dialog box of Combine columns and rows as shown below.

Step 2

In the dialog box, place the cursor and enable the option Combine Columns then specify a separator by Space. Place the cursor and click on the drop-down menu to select the Right cell in the dialog box. We have to enable the option keep contents of combined cells and select the option Use formatted cells to merge the data in the column. Click on the ok button that will automatically merge the data one by one as shown below.

The users utilized the easy instance to display how they merge the columns but not merging the rows with the formulas differently. We used the Ku-tools tab and formulas to merge the data one by one. The users used the necessary tabs which are included in the ribbon. They have to practice the essential options from the ribbon and modify the data according to the need.

Updated on: 28-Jul-2023


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