How to look younger than your age?

As time flies our skin gets older and doesn’t look beautiful as before. We have to accept that and we can't freeze the time but what we can really do is, check our daily routine and habits to take care of ourselves better.

Here are some important things which are less time consuming and are also cost-effective, in-fact will definitely enhance your lifestyle and age. These routines and habits will not only make you look younger but will also keep you healthier.

Early to Bed and Early to Rise

Always remember to have a good and proper sleep. You should always have to take at least 7 to 8 hours sleep and follow the mantra "Early to Bed & Early to Rise". The proper sleep increases natural repair in the body and helps hormones to remove pimples and give glow on your face.

Go for Yoga and Exercise Daily

There are many benefits of yoga and exercise, it not only keeps you healthy but also help in releasing mental pressure, improves blood flow & metabolism, releases extra fat from your body, keeps your mind healthy, enhances skin glow and makes you look younger.

Eat More Green Vegetable & Salad

The green food contains Iron, Zinc and Vitamins which helps in repairing skin and improves haemoglobin. Eating green vegetables and salad during each meal is always good for health and skin.

Take Fruits & Red Wine Regularly

Drinking one glass of red wine daily makes your skin glow and prevents the wrinkles. It also helps in protecting the skin from UV effect which is harmful to the skin.

Fruits are very good for skin and health, it lowers the fat in your body and helps in protecting the skin from getting damaged.

Keep Your Teeth Clean and White

Clean and white teeth signify the healthy body and attract others. Keeps your teeth clean and clear. Try to avoid such type of foods and edible products that stain your teeth and cause a cavity.

Try Homemade Beauty Remedy

You can apply homemade face-packs, which you can make at home to get flawless looking skin. All the below face pack can be made easily at home, which helps in nourishing skin and avoid pimples:

  • Turmeric and lemon face pack.
  • Milk, lemon juice, and honey face pack.
  • Turmeric and tomato face pack.
  • Rub potato slice on face gently.
  • Fuller's soil and rose water face pack.

What You Wear - Dressing Sense

Dressing sense plays a vital role in looking good but not to look fair “It does not change the skin tone”, but definitely make you look beautiful/handsome. If your skin is not too fair to try to wear bright colours and focus on which dress and colour suits you well.