How to identify the signs of depression in a friend who is trying to behave normal?

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Depression, an often under-diagnosed problem, is a silent killer. Nowadays, due to the harsh, busy life, many people are a victim of this disease. But there are ways to identify a depressed patient.

  • Weeps In Isolation: The friend of yours may often cry in solitude in an extremely pitiable manner.

  • Yells at Anything and Everything: Frustration becomes a part of his life. So, there may be high chances of screaming and shouting often.

  • Chooses to Be Quiet: In usual conversations and chitchats, he chooses to keep mum.

  • Laughter Is Gone: He has said goodbye to laughter. An expressionless face and lack of ambition in the eyes.

  • No Will Power Lack of willpower in order to achieve major goals of life.

  • Comfort Zone: Since morale is down of a depression patient. He may choose more often to be in comfort zone and not strive and pine for the achievement of aim in his life.

  • Sleep Patterns: There are remarkable changes in sleep patterns. Either the patient may sleep a lot, or not at all.

  • Loss of Appetite: The patient may not feel like eating anymore.

  • Loss of Weight: When one does not eat, he will lose weight.

Thus, life becomes nothing but a bad dream. However, friends can create an atmosphere of happiness and help them out in such a scenario.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24