How to handle teen behavioral problems?

Teenage is a crucial age where the child who has been a handy candy, starts coming up with issues and slowly becomes too messy to handle. With the gush of hormones showing their effect and the new changes taking place in the body, the hot blood rushing fills their spirit with a bit of consciousness reminding them to be the future adults.

These changes fill their minds to be independent and to grow as an individual. They seek respect and courage. They will not be open to straight and blunt criticism and won’t allow you to pamper them as much.

This is an age where some impressions made and will last for life-long. So, better to give them good ones to remember. To handle this intermediate stage of “being a child till now and becoming an adult soon”, you first need to understand a few things.

  • Try to get to your mind that this is a critical and sensitive phase of their life.

  • Never be bossy. Never be judgmental.

  • Believe in them, though they fail.

  • Give them chances to show their strengths and let them know that you are doing so.

  • Give them some responsibilities and just see how they handle it.

  • Don’t always be with them to correct their ways. Instead always be available for any guidance.

  • Let them fail and don’t criticize it.

  • Observe them grow knowing the complications.

  • Try to be their best friend

  • Try to analyze their way of dealing issues along with them.

A Powerful gushing stream, when channelized into a canal, can be well used for many purposes. It is the same as a teenager. Have some patience to watch them grow from their mistakes. How will they ever grow if you do not let them do any mistakes or keep criticizing their efforts?

Try to advise them if you see things going out of control rather than ground them and boss them around. Be available and open to suggestions, whenever they approach you. Being a good friend of a teenager is the best way to be a great parent !!