How to Get Started with Resistance Band Workouts

Fitness freakers are always in search for the best fitness accessories to add in their daily routine. Among various accessories, resistant band seems to be an excellent addition to the daily physical activity. If you are interested in strength training exercises, resistant bands will be a great addition your exercise kits. However, many are not aware of the exact use of these bands.

As per the ISSA or the International Sports Science Association suggest that practitioners should use these bands for 30 minutes in twice a week. This rule applied to those who are going to use resistant bands for the first time.

Workouts using resistant bands

Different types of resistant bands are used in daily workouts. Tube bands, loop bands, therapy bands, etc are some common types of resistant bands which you can add in your daily fitness routine.

Front Squat

Front squat is good for proper shaping you thighs and hamstrings. You can practice front squat using resistant bands. At first you need to stand on the bands keeping your feet wider than one shoulder. Now hold the handle in each hand and pull it up to your shoulder and practice squat.

Leg extension

Leg extension seems one of the most effective exercise to enhance the leg muscles. You can use loop band for practicing this exercise. You can practice this exercise sitting on a chair and fixing the loop bands to the legs of the chair.

Lying leg curl

You can practice lying leg curl exercise using loop bands. At first anchor one end of the band to a stable object and tie another end to the ankles and start practicing leg extension.

Practicing Glute Bridge

Fitness freakers can take the help of resistant band while practicing Glute Bridge exercise. Here you need to tie the bands just above the knees and practice this exercise. You need to practice this exercise for 15-20 times per set.

Standing Adduction

Resistance bands can be used while you practice standing adduction. Once you practice this exercise using resistance or loop bands, it will help in proper shaping of groin, inner thighs, butt, etc.

Planter flexion

Planter flexion is good for improving the flexibility of ankles. You can use loop bands to get the best benefits from this exercises.

Benefits of using Resistance bands

Resistance bands are always considered good for those who are involve in daily workouts at their home. Beginners need to learn about how to use these bands. Besides learning the proper use of these resistance bands, it is also necessary to understand the probable benefits of using these resistance bands.

Cost-effective exercise

Unlike other gym equipment, resistance bands are available at a low cost. Hence adding resistance bands will not make more expense to you daily workout.

Easy to use

Resistance bands are easy to use and it is easy to learn about the ways to use these bands. Some bands are also sold in the market with DVD which will guide individuals before starting exercise using resistance bands.

2. Adapt Easily For Multiple Fitness Levels

Resistance bands come in multiple resistance levels, usually light, medium or heavy. You can further adjust the amount of resistance during exercise just by giving more or less slack on the band, as well as by combining multiple bands to increase the challenge.

3. Modify Familiar Exercises

Resistance band exercises are often based on familiar strength-training moves. For example, if you stand on one end of the cord and curl your arm up while holding the other end, you've replaced your standard dumbbell bicep curl.

4. Exercise Your Whole Body

Many kits come with suggested exercises for nearly every major muscle group in your body. Stepping on one end of a band or looping it around a stationary object, for example, opens up many exercise possibilities.

5. Save On Storage Space

When you don't have a lot of room for a home gym, resistance bands are a great option that store in very little space. You can hang them on a hook after you exercise, or coil them up to store in a box or drawer.

6. Exercise on the road

Because they are so small and portable, resistance equipment is a great way to take your workout with you when you travel. There are many resistance band exercises that can easily be done in the small space of a hotel room.

7. Add Variety to Your Workouts

Over time, your muscles adapt to any new exercise routine. It's a good idea to mix it up by cross-training with free weights, machines, and resistance band exercises. Each will work your muscles in a slightly different way.

8. Exercise Safely, Even when alone

Resistance bands offer strength-training without the risk of dropping a heavy weight on your foot or crushing your fingers between weight plates. That makes them ideal for working out when you don't have a personal trainer or exercise partner to spot you.

9. Combine with Other Exercise Equipment

While resistance bands work great on their own, they can also be combined with other exercise equipment. Performing bicep curls with both a resistance band and a dumbbell will give you the combined benefits of each type of equipment.

10. Get an effective workout

Although there are differences between free weight and resistance band exercises, both are effective. Picture the arc motion your arm makes while doing a bicep curl. Free weights will feel heaviest at the beginning of that arc, while resistance bands make your muscles work harder at the end of the arc (when the band is tautest). Either way, your body is moving against resistance, and that will give your muscles an effective workout. 

Updated on: 03-Feb-2023


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