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Looking to explore the world of online programming? then, there is good news to all of you!! Currently, there are few online programming websites which offer free services. Tutorialspoint is one such provider. Few years back, started compiler online service and based on the excellent response, the company has enhanced the service which is renamed as “Coding Ground”. It is a one stop solution for aspiring programmers and IT professionals to start coding in their relevant software without any installation requirement.

The biggest technology innovators like Google, Microsoft or Amazon were built due to the consistent effort of programmers as they were the backbone for success. If those were the role models, then developing mobile applications and games are the current trend of the next generation programmer. Whether you want to learn coding for job purpose or as a hobby – Internet is the key resource. not only provides an e-learning platform to learn the emerging software courses but also a practical lab to work without the hassles of installing the software.

Learning through Practicals

Most of the experienced programmers tell you that, programming language is easy to master once you know the basics right. Programming essentially is the process of writing computer programs or for inputting instructions or commanding your computer to perform specific tasks through a language which your computer understands.

Sharpen your Programming Skills

  • Problem-solving is a major skill in learning any programming language and If you have creativity then there is icing on the cake, and you have the right skills for a programming career.

  • It is a good practice to select a project which you wish to pursue and then learn the language which suits to your knowledge base.

  • To start your programming journey, you could learn with basic Syntax, Operators, Functions. C++. Once, you get a hang of these concepts, you can tackle the more recent languages easily.

  • If you are interested in designing or developing a website right from the scratch, then you definitely need to master HTML/CSS programming languages and then understand Javascript, PHP to add more functionality.

  • However, if you wish to develop software for computers or build mobile apps / games, then C++, Java, Python and Swift for iOS are the languages you might need to start your learning. has a whole lot of library of tutorials where you can learn the basics.

Leveraging Online Resources

The last decade has undergone a tremendous change in learning methods. People have started using internet as an eLearning tool especially for learning programming. Instead of enrolling for classroom session, they have started to read or view content online. Private tutors, coaching classes are now being replaced by self-learning tools. Internet has come a long way, after all why confine yourself to the restricted timing of your training / coaching class or private tutor?

Tutorialspoint has an offer free beginner level educational resources for almost all the major programming languages used today. Their catalogue for tutorials and courses is very vast with languages segregated to the projects. In the coding ground section of the website you can practice, edit, run, compile and share your results.

Why Coding Ground?

So, what you have to do after learning a programming language? Yes, you would start practicing by making a cool project. Tutorialspoint provides a platform to build your own project.

Free online terminals and IDE – To Edit, Compile, Execute and Share Programs Online to experience the best cloud computing.

Online Terminals

Online IDE’s

How to Create, Save and Download Projects

Tutorialspoint provides you the option to do your own project in a simple and easy way. Open any OnlineIDE from coding ground application, Simply follow the below path to create a new project.

Path: Select Project from the Menu Bar → Click on New Project.

Similarly, we can refresh a project, or rename, save, import or download a project in Google Drive or Dropbox (and other options). You can also load the entire project and later upload them and execute them.

How to Change Theme Colour

You can use View → Select Editor theme option if you wish to change the theme colour.

Final Remarks

Start working on project ideas which are much better than currently existing solutions. Learn the new way of learning programming and explore how far you can enhance your overall skills. Good Luck!!

You might not think that programmers are artists, but programming is an extremely creative profession. Its logic based creativity ~ John Romero

Lakshmi Srinivas
Lakshmi Srinivas

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