How to get rid of split ends of hair?

Splits end, also known as Trichoptilosis, is the splitting of hair tips or ends due to some reasons. Split ends give a very bad look and thus, are very undesirable in the hair. They do not let the hair grow quickly and that too to their full length.

Some tips to get rid of split ends −

Get Your Hair Trimmed

Often we think that a haircut will render our hair to be too short, so we avoid getting a haircut done for months. We do not realize that this step, does not let our hair grow properly. Thus, we should get our hair trimmed frequently, in order to get rid of split ends in hair.

Regular Hair Oiling

Split ends are an indicator of lack of proper nourishment to hair. One Should frequently do hot oil massage to the hair, in order to avoid split ends.

Brushing and combing of hair

It is a common myth that combing of hair should not be done frequently. But in fact, if you comb your hair gently using both narrow toothed comb and wide-toothed comb on a regular basis, you will find split ends disappear. Improper combing of hair and over- brushing especially when wet, can cause damage to healthy hair and form split ends.

Hair packs

Use 'Multani mitti', and beaten curd for your hair. Let this pack stay in your hair for about 20-30 minutes and rinse thoroughly with cold water. This will nourish your hair to the roots.