How to encrypt the MS word files?

A procedure should be followed for encrypting an MS word document. Encryption is nothing but protecting your document from a third party. First, let us look into the definition of encryption.

What is Encryption? How do we use Encryption?

  • The word encryption is derived from the Greek word Kryptos means hidden or a secret.

  • There are certain algorithms to use encryption like RSA algorithms and Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithms.

  • These algorithms led to the use of encryption in commercial and consumer realms to protect data.

  • The password is the best example of encryption.

  • Encryption is used in sending data across all the networks and ATM is also one of the examples for encryption.

  • Plain text is referred to as data and to this plain text we apply encryption algorithms and perform encryption.

  • Now let’s look into the procedure of encrypting an MS Word Document in detail by step by step procedure.

  • Encrypting a Word Document.

  • The encryption offered by Microsoft is very strong.

  • It cannot be broken in extreme immediate future by cybercrime because it has high computational requirements.

  • In a word document, you need not to change the encryption length unless you have a specific reason to alter the settings.

  • Microsoft uses AES with a 128bit key, plus SHA1 salt and cipher block chaining for encryption.

  • Currently, no practical methods can break or crack the algorithm provided by Microsoft.

  • If you are using a Microsoft word 2007 version then follow the below steps.

Step 1 − Click office button on word and press Save as an option for saving the document.

Step 2 − A dialogue pops up on the screen asking to name the document and choose the location of the document.

Step 3 − After giving the name and location, there is an option called tools just below the document name section. Click on the tools option and choose general options.

Step 4 − Another dialogue pops up on the screen asking the file encryption options for this document. Enter a password in the space provided and protect the document by encryption by saving the settings.

If you are using a Microsoft Word 2010 or any advanced version then follow the below procedure for quick encryption.